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Fitness and Nutrition Plans
for Law Enforcement

Get your customized plan developed for law enforcement professionals to help you achieve your goals and be Fit For Duty.

Our profession is one in which the level of fitness you maintain can mean the difference between life or death for a member of the community, as well as yourself.

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Meet Our trainers

Police Officer, Powerlifting Pro, Veteran
Police Officer, Fitness Competitor, CPT
Police Dispatcher, Mother and Fitness Competitor
Civilian Law Enforcement Professional, Mother and Fitness Competitor
Police Officer, Academy Fitness Instructor, Fitness Competitor
Police Officer, Fitness Competitor, Veteran

Police Applicant or Trainee?

Commonly referred to as the police fitness test( PFT Test ) or physical fitness qualification test ( PFQ Test ), everyone applying for a law enforcement officer position must pass this exam prior to completing the hiring process. You will still need to complete this test several times in the academy, even after you participate in police workouts during the police academy fitness sessions.

Who Are We?

We're a different type of personal training service you won't find anywhere else on the web. We are law enforcement for law enforcement. We do walk in your shoes and we understand your life, your shifts, and your job demands unlike the civilian world.

Our team of competent and qualified trainers will become your greatest ally, mentor and inspiration as you travel down the path of attaining your goals. Whether you need to lose weight because you haven't worked out since the academy, or you need to prepare for a special assignment or competition, we have what you need to succeed.

Our trainers are required to:
  • Be employed or honorably retired from law enforcement
  • Pass a pre-employment verification check
  • Provide references of training success stories
  • Maintain a positive image of themselves, the profession, and our company

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Plans Customized nutrition or fitness plans
Your trainer will create a customized nutrition or fitness plan (or both!) for you to follow at your own pace.
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Coaching Fitness and nutrition coaching
For those who want guidance, monitoring, and accountability for their fitness journey.
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Specialties Prepare for the academy or the physical fitness exam
Our specialty programs, such as Academy One, can prepare you for upcoming life events.
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