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Online Training


What is it?

Online or virtual training has gained increasing popularity over the past several years. It involves following a workout and/or nutrition program without physically meeting with your trainer or coach unlike traditional personal training. Your plan is provided to you via email, website or other online software for you to follow on your own then you typically communicate with your trainer for check ins, tips and updates.

What are its benefits?

Online training has become so popular for many reasons but here are the top 3:

First and foremost it's flexible and convenient. This is especially beneficial to those who work in law enforcement where shift work and OT can make it hard to have a consistent schedule. You can do your workouts when it's convenient for you.

It's typically much less expensive than personal training sessions. Personnel training can be pricey and usually requires you to have a gym membership on top of those fees.

You have a larger selection of trainers to choose from since you can work with anyone across the globe.

What should you look for in an online trainer?

They make custom plans - no cookie cutter program because there is no one size fits all approach to health and fitness.

They conduct some sort of assessment before creating your plan that asks questions about your goals, current fitness level, accessibility to gym equipment, injuries and food restrictions.

One of the key components to hiring a trainer is having the support, motivation and accountability to get you results.

Experience is also very important; ask about the types of clients they've worked with, any specialities they may have, education and training related to health and fitness

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Have a great week and remember that someone's life might depend on your health and strength - at home and on the job. 

"Throw Down Or Throw Up" with Ray Salvante

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