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"Lessons From The Other Side" with John "Boxer" Mendoza


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we speak with John "Boxer" Mendoza; a former gang member 'shot caller'. John had been in and out of the prison system from a young age. He explains how his upbringing and mentors brought him to a position of power within the 'Nuestra Familia', the propensity for violence against officers, and how he is now helping law enforcement 'think like a criminal' with his book and seminars. 

Tamrin and Mike are reunited in the studio, bringing us this week's hot topics in law enforcement including; a badass female officer who shared a photo on social media of how tough a cop's job really is and Mike tells us about his beauty 'fail'.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Hot Topics with Tamrin and Mike:

  • Mike put hair dye on his mustache and turned jet black. 
  • You can comb mascara through your beard and make it appear fuller. 
  • Mike and several officers had to carry an uncooperative inmate into a vehicle to transport him to LA county jail. 
  • Mike suffered a shoulder injury from the incident and has a torn labrum/ rotator cuff. 
  • Officers are not allowed to use their weapons to forcibly get a suspect to cooperate. 
  • A female officer was in a full brawl with a large man under the influence of a narcotic. She released the dog on him, used pepper spray, and ended up in a 5-minute fight with the man who was trying to gain possession of his firearm and left her soaked in blood. 
  • After the fight, it still took several officers to restrain the man. 
  • Training jiu-jitsu, krav maga, a working out regularly can make the difference between life and death of an officer. 
  • Even with training, you can never be fully prepared for the conditions of a physical altercation. 
  • There have been 29 deaths in the US this year, due to being locked in a hot car. 
  • Tamrin had the opportunity to interview John "Boxer" Mendoza who was a 'shot caller' in a Mexican mafia type of gang. He shares his whole story, how he came to cooperate with officers, and now teach officers what to look for in gang scenarios, interviews, and pre-surveillance. 
  • Tamrin started her 6-week summer challenge with Team Fit For Duty and is doing the challenge with her clients!
  • If you fall out of ketosis it takes more time to get back into it. 
  • Intermittent fasting has helped Mike with his energy levels and sleep. 

Summary of Interview with John "Boxer" Mendoza:

  • John grew up with two parents who were full-blown heroin addicts and started shooting with his mother at the age of 12. 
  • He went through foster care for 7 years. 
  • After, child protective services noticed some stability with his mother they allowed her custody. 
  • John went through 10th grade and dropped out. He was partaking in drugs and alcohol. 
  • His mother was more of a friend to him than a parent and knew of his criminal behavior. 
  • Boxer started hanging out with a man named "Sleepy" who taught him how to be a criminal. From burglarizing cars, houses, robberies, home invasions, etc. 
  • The first time Boxer was locked up, he was only 13 and lived a cycle of in and out of jail. 
  • By the time he turned 18, he was sent to San Quentin for two 7-year sentences for burglary. 
  • Boxer adapted quickly to the environment of being in jail. As soon as he recognized a few individuals from his neighborhood, he thought to himself "this isn't so bad"; and it felt like home. 
  • Prior to going into jail, he had heard of the NF and the NR. These are the soldiers who go to war who try to oppose the Nortenos. 
  • When John got to prison he saw everyone all of the races separated, and a group of people working out with the security of the NR.
  • To be apart of the Nortenos you have to be willing to participate and dedicate yourself over to them and go to war, sacrifice your release date, stab someone, and fully commit. 
  • Boxer was extremely violent as a youngster and he was the first one to stab someone or volunteer. He gained respect quickly. 
  • He never told on anyone, always acknowledged authority, and showed leadership qualities. 
  • When you make a commitment to the NF it is for life and you are required to put them before everything including your wife and kids. 
  • Boxer operated in the NF and had become an overall authority from his establishment in the NR. 
  • He became a regimental commander and was put in a position where he was indoctrinated on how to establish a criminal street regimen of a crew of individuals who were taught how to operate outside of prison. 
  • Boxer was put in a position where he was in charge of the individuals. 
  • He was in a cycle of in and out of the prison system and every time he went into prison he was primed for how to operate the street.

*We will have the second part of the interview with John "Boxer" Mendoza coming up next episode!!

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