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The latest information about fitness, nutrition and health and the law enforcement profession is right here in our blog.
Tamrin Olden is one of the original founders and Chief Operating Officer of Team Fit For Duty. She has worked in local government for 13 years. She is currently a civilian supervisor overseeing community and public relations for a law enforcement agency in California. Like many others in the profession, she fell into the trap of letting the demands... of the job and home life push her health and fitness to the side. In a matter of three years, she went from being fit, active and healthy to gaining weight, being lazy, unhappy, out of shape and having a slew of health issues. Fast forward to four years and many fad diets later, Tamrin realized that those same things that were her excuses to not work out and eat healthily (job and family) should be her motivation. From that point on she committed to making health and fitness a priority; now she is healthier, has more energy and is in better shape than she ever has been. Tamrin is a bikini fitness competitor and group exercise trainer. After seeing the results of her transformation and the benefits of her lifestyle change, she realized the need for her fellow members of the law enforcement community to be Fit For Duty despite the challenges of their profession.Connect with Tamrin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by following @TamrinOlden. More
Mike Bires is one of the original founders and the Chief Technical Officer of Team Fit For Duty. He has been a police officer in California for 24 years. Currently, he manages his department's website and social media presence.Mike has gone from fat to fit, and is fat again as we write this! Why would we advertise the co-owner of a law enforcement ...fitness website is fat? Because he's going to show you it is possible to get back into shape, feel better about yourself and become healthy again. He's just doing it so the whole world can see him become Fit For Duty.Mike is proud to say Team Fit For Duty is comabat veteran owned. He served in the United States Army and was part of the invading force for Operation Just Cause in Panama, in December of 1989. Through many military schools and training operations, two police academies and the FBI's Basic SWAT Operator's course, Mike has the experience to know how fitness plays an important role in winning the battle law enforcement faces today. More