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What To Eat & Eyeballing Those Portions


​You have the best of intentions, your plan is set to survive the grocery store and not buy any unnecessary foods!  However, what base foods do you get for your day to day meals and how much is a portion exactly without having to measure every darn thing you make or prep for your work week? Let me break it down for you really quick and easy!

Before I get started on what should be on your plate let me share a quick little chart on how to eyeball your food portions. Not everyone wants to use a scale and measure every bit of food they consume. It can be a lot of work and I know it is not for everyone. So I wanted to share a little visual to give you an idea on how much a teaspoon is or a cup in relation to everyday items we are all familiar with!

 Now let's get into what you should be eating daily!

Fruit. Stick to whole fruits (they are nature's candy!)

Veggies. Have these babies in at least three of your daily meals if not more! You can pick the dark green, red, orange colors, even beans (which can also count towards your protein!) If at all possible stick to the fresh veggies over the frozen or canned.

Protein. The leaner the meat the less fat, (but that all depends on what kind of diet you are incorporating). Protein includes seafood, beef, poultry, egg, and plant sources such as nuts, beans, peas, seeds, and soy.

Dairy. Again the amount of dairy depends on the type of diet your following. I tend to stick to the low fat or zero fat all together. Dairy includes yogurt, cheese, soy milk and skim milk.

Oils. These are great for providing an added taste to whatever it is you are making and also provides the fatty acids and some vitamin E into your diet. Oils can be found in some foods such as nuts, olives, avocados and even seafood. Otherwise you can add in actual oils such as soybean oil, olive oil, and coconut oil to name a few.

Eating healthy can be shaped by so many factors not just including whichever diet plan you are trying to follow, but we are also molded by what stage of life we are in, what our personal preferences are, the culture and the traditions that surround us. Healthy is a shape that looks good on everyone & there is always a way to make any plate slightly better by adding or substituting certain foods! It just takes practice and determination! When you look down on your plate ask does it have the food groups listed above and does it meet your goals.

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