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Oh, the dreaded burpee. We all love to whine and complain about this punishing movement, and usually try to avoid doing them as much as possible (I know I sure do). But have you ever wondered where the burpee came from and why this torturous exercise is a favorite of fitness professionals across the globe? Well even if you haven't I am still going to tell you.

Believe it or not the burpee was invented in 1939 by a physiologist from New York named Mr Burpee. He invented the first version of the burpee as a part of a fitness test. The original movement was much easier than the burpee we know and love hate today. Mr. Burpee never intended for his fitness evaluation tool to become the form of exercise that it has become today.

Over time the burpee was modified from its original, fitness evaluation form to the more vigorous modern movement. Here's how the burpee evolved:

Original Burpee: Squat down and place both hands on the floor in front of you. Jump feet back into plank position. Jump feet forward. Return to standing.

Modern Burpee: Bend over or squat down and place both hands on the floor in front of you, just outside of your feet. Jump both feet back into plank position. Drop to a pushup — your chest should touch the floor. Push or snake up to return to plank position. Jump feet back in toward hands. Explosively jump up into the air, reaching arms straight overhead.

When you perform a modern burpee you are essentially doing a vigorous six-count bodyweight movement that requires you to move between six unique positions as quickly as possible.

Everything burns as you go through a series of burpees: your lungs, your legs, your arms, and most of all…calories. Burpees cultivate agility, strength, coordination and stamina while burning fat.

So the next time that you are told to do 20, 30, or 100 burpees think of Mr Burpee and thank him for the butt kicking, fat blasting exercise. I challenge you to do 25 burpees this week.  Message us on Team FFD social media and let me know if you do them - I'll be doing them with you!

Take care guys and don't forget to do your burpees! 

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