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"Hart Has Heart" with AnnaLee Hart


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, AnnaLee Hart is in the studio with Mike. AnnaLee, reveals her experiences with the Marine Corp, how she adjusted after getting out of the service, and how that led her back to school for speech pathology. 

Mike and AnnaLee talk about the unrealistic body expectations social media has on people and how we should be spreading positivity instead of bullying others when sharing body transformations.

Dispatcher Kristen with Team Fit For Duty informs us how working graveyard affects your vitamin and hormone levels in 'The Darkside Dificiencies'.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Anna Lee Hart:

  • AnnaLee decided to get into speech pathology after volunteering at a preschool and fell in love with speech. 
  • She has been working out for the past three years. She didn't lift until the last eight months of while in the service. 
  • Being a beginning lifter, she began YouTubing workouts to teach her what to do. 
  • Mike and AnnaLee met at Athletic Cryo in Glendora, CA. 
  • She loves doing the Facial Cryo, with Beatrice and Adrienne, that has helped tremendously with her skin. 
  • AnnaLee competed in a bikini competition. She wanted to see if she could tackle it as a personal goal. 
  • The bikini competition is the body type she felt would suit her the best, being only 5 feet tall. 
  • Before going into the marine corp, Anna was a shy girly girl who didn't feel confident in herself.
  • She was the only one in her family to go into the marine corp, the rest of her family was in the Navy. 
  • AnnaLee graduated from high school, then worked as a receptionist. She felt like she needed to do something and decided to go into the service. 
  • She felt like training was harder mentally than physically. 
  • AnnaLee did her schooling at 29 palms and stationed in North Carolina. 
  • Overall, her experience was great being in the service and had regret when she decided to get out. 
  • She went into a customer service job after getting out, and struggled with her patience and dealing with people. 
  • When it comes to working with people and their speech, she finds joy in helping them. 
  • AnnaLee says that when it comes to social media, people have an unrealistic view of others and their image.
  • Parents should explain to their children that they don't need to compare themselves to photos they see of people. 
  • AnnaLee heard of someone taking a screenshot of friends 50-pound weight loss transformation picture and began circulating it to make fun of their body. These were adults. 
  • Everyone is at different points in their goals, and we shouldn't make fun of them for having different body ideals. 
  • Mike has been to different CrossFit gyms, where the coaches are so full of themselves it makes others uncomfortable. His current gym is very welcoming and doesn't allow that kind of behavior. 
  • When someone is trying to work on themselves and deal with their demons, they don't need people commenting or trying to bring them down. 
  • Refrain from snap chatting or recording people at the gym to post or send to your friends to laugh at them. 
  • Anna Lee has had experiences with brand reps who on Instagram they portray positivity, but in person are the opposite and aren't genuine in their portrayal.
  • When looking for brand reps, you want them to be genuine since they will be in contact with your consumers. 
  • Treat repping a brand professionally and not just as a paycheck or only represent that while on social media. 
  • Give your athletes the gear that they need to showcase your merchandise. They are walking billboards. 
  • Instagram is cracking down on software that will give you fake followers. 
  • AnnaLee received a nasty comment from someone saying that she looked like a man. Comments like this are hurtful, even though you have support from others. 
  • The person who wrote the negative comment had a private account. Usually, people who are social media bullies hide behind the keyboard. 
  • AnnaLee is embracing positivity and has the attitude that we want to encounter with an honest portrayal on social media. 

You can follow AnnaLee Hart on Instagram @annalee.marie



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