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Apple Cider Vinegar A Day Keeps The Weight Away?


​We are always looking for the quickest miracle pill, diet, trick, you name it to lose weight. In one of our recent podcasts I was indiscreetly tagged to start looking into this new craze. So I decided that instead of just writing about my findings I was going to reluctantly give it a go and try it out for a week! 

The promise I found was that I was going to lose weight in 1 week, all I had to do was drink this concoction 2-3xs a day! The picture that was used to sell me this promise was a female that looked like she had lost at least 15 pounds (not likely, & if she had lost that much in a week that wouldn't be healthy either!) Gotta love social media & the smoke and mirrors pictures! Okay rant over so still skeptical I carried on.... 

Along with the weight loss I was told that some of the benefits are: 

  • Use as a detox to cleanse the kidneys
  • Aids weight loss by decreasing appetite and increasing fat burn
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Relieves pain from jellyfish stings (whew, this was a HUGE concern of mine!)
  • Helps control sugar cravings
  • Increases energy and boosts metabolism

Some of the poss side effects are:

  • Damage to the lining of your esophagus ( you are drinking an acidic drink)
  • Damage to your tooth enamel
  • Increases acid production

For the above mentioned reasons it suggests that you don't take your apple cider vinegar straight up but diluted with water.

​My first thought is that dear Lord why did I agree to this? Why am I drinking fermented apple? Why am I being my own guinea pig? My gosh this smells horrible! 

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