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Alleviate Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome


In the law enforcement field of dispatch we work with our hands constantly. We are typing away for eight or more hours a day. Unfortunately, most of us are not a stranger to carpal tunnel. It affects a vast majority of us. We are putting so much strain and stress on our tendons and over extending our wrists. There are a few tricks that we can do to alleviate that stress as well as some exercises to strengthen our wrists.

First, here are some of those tricks to hopefully alleviate the onset of carpal tunnel. Sitting all day can be exhausting and takes its toll. We need to constantly remind ourselves to keep our posture, at least while typing. Make sure you have lower back support in your chair and your feet supported on the ground. Your arms should be aligned from your shoulders and your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle while typing. During your typing your hands should be facing forwards, and don't forget to use your wrist guard to support your wrist.

Aside from having surgery here are some ways and stretches that you can use to help alleviate the stress and strain on your tendons.

  • Purchase an ergonomically correct key board. I am sure by now you know not all keyboards are created equal. Hopefully, you could even ask your department to make that purchase for you.
  • Keep your hands warm. One way to do this is to purchase finger-less gloves.
  • Purchase a hand grip strengthener, there are a ton of them on Amazon that are not to expensive.
  • Wrist braces. Most workers comp doctors issue these, whenever you see them for carpal tunnel but you can purchase them also on Amazon.
  • Essential Oils. Although I have not personally tried this, I have seen some good reviews about rubbing this on your wrist area, if anything at least your wrists will smell good. Here are the oils suggested:

Marjoram: tension pain

Lavender: relax, reduce inflammation

Peppermint: inflammation, irritation and itching.

Eucalyptus: aches and pains

Lemon grass: supports tendons, ligaments, and tissues.

CTS support: A mixture I found online specifically for carpal tunnel syndrome

There are some stretches that you can do right at your desk throughout your shift. As always though if you are in a constant pain do not self diagnose, go see a doctor first. I wouldn't want you injuring yourself further by stretching or putting unnecessary pressure on your injury.

  • Stretching one arm at a time. Example: Extend your right arm in front of you. Have your right hand facing away from you and with your left hand slightly press your fingers back lightly towards you. Repeat with the left arm. You can do the same type of stretch but have your palm facing upward and push down lightly on your fingers.
  • Standing wrist extension. Start in a standing position with both arms outstretched on your desk. Place your hands down with your fingertips facing your computer and gently lean forward. In that same standing position turn your elbows out and put the top of your hands on your desk. Your palms should be facing up with your fingers pointing at you. Once again, ever so lightly, start leaning forward.
  • Seated wrist flexion. Start with your palms facing up, bend only at the wrist moving in an upward and downward motion.

  • Seated wrist extension. Start with the palms facing down. Bend only at the wrists and move the hand in an upward, downward motion.
  • Seated wrist radial extension. Put your hands into a fist, but have your thumb and your index finger at the top of the fist. Bending only at the wrist move your fist up and down.

These are just a few exercises that might help to alleviate the pain and strengthen your tendons. You can do these one time a day. Repeat each exercise 3 sets of 8 and hold for a count of two seconds.

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