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Avoiding Getting Sick While Traveling


 In Law Enforcement we don't always have the privilege of having holidays and weekends off, we don't always get the mental break that is needed from the day in and day out intense calls. Summer is finally here, the kids are on break, & now is when most of us make use of our precious hours saved up to go travel the world and escape the stresses of work and everyday life! We plan everything, what to bring, what to have to keep the kids busy and distracted, & most importantly what kind of little umbrella drink we will have once we reach that sunny destination. None of us, however, plan on being sick! Here are top 5 quick easy tips to help steer clear of being stuck unwillingly in your hotel room!

Stay Hydrated. No matter where you go or what you do hydration will always be important. Different altitudes can contribute to dehydration, especially if you are flying! Take some bottled waters with you or you can even purchase some that have a built-in filter! Also be sure to check the water warnings for foreign countries water, some water is not safe to drink and don't forget that unsafe water includes ice cubes, & using the tap water to brush your teeth! 

 Eat Your Fiber. Keep your system moving and grooving! Load up and keep eating those fruits and vegetables. People tend to get nervous on a trip, get upset stomachs, bloat, and get backed up during a vacation. Try to stay consistent with your eating habits! If anything, be sure to pack some fiber bars or even some Metamucil to keep your body moving and happy!

 Workout. I know you are on "vacation" but that doesn't mean you need to skip on this daily habit! Continue to break a sweat whether, at the gym, on a hike, in the water, or even in your hotel room! Continuing this habit will increase your energy, and strength, continue your good deep sleep, & help you be stress-free during your trip!

 Carry Wipes. Still, to this day, you will find me with a bag of baby wipes in my purse and car. I take them everywhere with me! Not that I am an OCD Germaphobe, but lets be real germs are everywhere and sometimes when I want to eat there is not a sink readily available, and if you have kids you know that even though you wash your kids hands, they will undoubtedly start touching walls, floors, shoes, the underside of the table before they even settle down into their seats ready to eat! Wipes are a Godsend! They will kill off most bacteria and there are even some that have aloe vera in them keeping your hands soft and smooth! Bonus!! Hand sanitizers work well also but I prefer something I can wipe multiple things with!

 Sleep. We do not always much of this since we are all always on the go, but we are on vacation right? We are here to rest, relax and enjoy ourselves! Do not burn the candle at both ends here, even though your vacation might include partying it up throughout the night into the morning hours your body still needs the rest to recover for the next adventure! Getting enough sleep is what is going to help you avoid getting sick, or if you are ill, it will help fend off that illness! This goes hand in hand with hydration, they are your solution for preventing illness on the road!

Although these tips might seem like common sense to some, we can at times become so overwhelmed by planning and doing or just the plain excitement of what lies ahead that we really don't think about what we should or shouldn't be doing! Make the most of your trip by keeping these tips in mind, and focus on the fun relaxing adventure ahead rather than spending your hard earned vacation hours stuck in bed or hugging the toilet!

 Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Stay Grateful.

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