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Carpal Tunnel


​Carpal Tunnel is a syndrome that is all too familiar to police dispatchers and office workers. We are constantly using our hands all day non-stop throughout our workweek. We need our hands to be fully functional, they are our money makers! Nothing feels worse than having a to work through a persistent throbbing pain in your wrist. I have been there myself and lucky to say that after some therapy my pain has subsided. Fortunately for me the only time my carpal tunnel starts acting up for me is when the weather turns cold or if I am lifting heavy in the gym. Knowing that these are my two triggers, I keep my wrists warm with having a sweater or fingerless gloves on. For lifting I use grips that give my wrist an extra support. If you are new to dispatch or just a few years in I am hoping that the syndrome has not kicked in for you yet. However, I wanted to go over it with you, because chances are if you are not having that discomfort yet you will soon!

Carpal Tunnel can affect one or both of your hands. There is a nerve on the palm side of your hand and it is being compressed due to the constant repetitive flexing of the wrist. This is a common issue found in the dispatch center. Some of the symptoms include tingling in all fingers except the pinky finger, it gets spared by the syndrome. The discomfort is not only found in your wrist and palm area but it can also travel up your arm. My issue went up into my elbow. This syndrome can also make your hands weak and cause numbness.

 Aside from constantly using your wrist, other health factors can contribute to the carpal tunnel as well such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, fluid retention, and some thyroid disorders. Unfortunately, there are no definitive ways to prevent the syndrome. There are a few ways to minimize the nerves stress. If you are one of those angry types try taking it easy and try gently typing, not only will your com center be quieter but your wrist will thank you! Watch your wrist form. Your wrists shouldn't be bending up or down, try to keep them as straight as you can. Also, take advantage of those 15 minute breaks that you are allotted at work, whether you step away from your console or not take the time to rest your hands and even perform some stretches. If you are looking for some at your desk stretches to do look no further, I talked about it in my post about relieving carpal tunnel pain!

Take care of those wrists ladies and gentlemen! Those are the only two we have and no one wants to get surgery on our keyboard money makers so let's do everything we can do avoid that! 

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