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Dear Gym: You're Not Hard or Intimidating!


I received the best email this week from one of my clients during this current Fit For Duty Challenge & I really wanted to share it with everyone. It really changed my outlook for the rest of the day. I really wished that when I had starting working out in the gym that this was the mindset that I went in with! 

 "Going to the gym is not : Difficult aka Hard and intimidating. I'm not intimidated by the pretty skinny girls in their tight leggings sexy Victoria Secret sports bras with their big boobs popping out, I got big boobs it's not a big deal; no I'm not intimidated by those sexy skinny gym girls that I see sweating, pushing themselves grunting and looking like they're enjoying that hard workout, lifting those heavy weights above their shoulders or you name it they're doing it. No I am not intimidated, I'm encouraged. I'm determined. I want to be like them. I am not saying I want to be skinny and sexy because girl I am sexy I may curves but I'm curvaceous sexy. No I want to be unstoppable like them, I want to keep going like them, I want to be determined like them I want to be motivated like them. It's not about being thin and sexy. It is NOT about being thin and sexy, it's about being Healthy. It's about not using a walker when you're 60 or owning a pillbox marked Sunday - Saturday, it's about not being worried about Medicare not covering your medication for heart disease diabetes cholesterol bone depletion, you name it. It's about giving your children your grandchildren and your great grandchildren unforgettable memories. It's about living. I will be confident when I go to the gym, I won't be afraid to work out next to a muscle guy or girl who are probably holding up 1000 lb kettle balls and I'm struggling with a 10lb kettle ball I won't be embarrassed to ask where is this blank machine and how do I connect this thing so I can use it, H E double hockey sticks No i work 2 jobs you bet your buns I pay for my gym membership I'm going to ask and use it. Life and time, that damn clock is sometimes discouraging it tries to take away from you, steer you away and give you the best excuses for you Not to go or not to do it, but Nike will for all eternity have The Best slogan of all time; Just Do It ! Because Si Se Puede Sweat is Fat Crying make it cry it's buns off you go girls ! Sincerely a previously addicted to sugar (seriously) Latina girl who is going to the gym for the first time in her life. Let's Do This !" Maritza M.

​Mindset can play a huge role in your day to day life. It goes back to the age all question if you see the glass half full or half empty. I'll be honest some days I wish I could knock the glass over and get a new one. However, I do for the most part make a mental note to take a step back from the situation and try to find a positive outlook on it. I feel that while this is important for most people, that it is really necessary for us in the law enforcement field. We are constantly hammered away by negativity. Our days rarely consist of a thank you or any good news. 

While this email I received focuses on health and the challenge of how difficult a gym can appear, her outlook can really be applied to any challenge that you face. In the police academy, you were trained and tested on your physical abilities. I find that once hired, the police physical fitness mentality dwindles away over time. It is no longer a priority. As a law enforcement officer any type of physical activity such as the gym or hiking should be a staple in your life. I am not talking about it in the aspect of losing weight or building muscle but for the strict reason of building endurance. You need endurance to fight of an attacker once he decides to square up and fight or to be able to keep up with the suspect you are pursuing. You want to be able to hang in there during a high intensity situation. You want your body to be familiar with the challenge you're putting it through and to be familiar with your elevated heart rate. 

If you are viewing the gym from a glass half empty look, try turning that perspective around such as Maritza did. Find the inspiration in the challenge that has presented itself to you. When it comes to the area of exercise, focus on why you are in there. You are there to build endurance, to better your health, & to be able to enjoy all that there is to offer once retirement comes. What we see depends mostly on what we look for.

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