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Dining Fit While On Patrol


 It is that age old problem that you want to lose weight but don't know where to start. You are too busy to pre make your food and you are unwilling to eat out of Tupperware. Driving through is usually your way to get through the day right? Sound familiar?

Before I get started here is my little disclaimer. The healthiest way to go will always be making your own food, your own self. You will know EXACTLY what is being put in to your food without any doubt or question.

I know that being a law enforcement officer you are always on the go and do not readily have a microwave ready, dispatchers I know we are stuck behind a desk all day and do not feel like always making food or heating it up ourselves. Pickups always seem to sound better! If you are in the Police Academy then taking healthy meals with you is the way to go, however you can apply these tips when you are out studying for your exams and training.

Here are a few tips to help get you started.


  1. Drop the soda. It is filled with sugars you don't need! If you still need some of that carbonation try flavored waters! Two of my favorites are La Croix and Dasani
  2. Up your water intake. If you don't like water, try infusing it with fruit.
  3. Drink Unsweetened tea
  4. Coffee do without the sugar, try to limit the amount of sugar, use sugar free creamers, you can add soy, almond, or cashew milk instead.

Fast Food

Most fast food restaurants are not known for their healthy options. It's called fast food for a reason, for the most part it is not made fresh, which is why it is not the healthiest. The food has additional sugars and salt added to keep the food preserved for longer periods of time.

  1. Forget the fries. Order a fruit cup instead.
  2. Order a protein burger, you can leave out the cheese and add the avocado instead
  3. Order a grilled chicken salad (don't get it breaded) ask for the dressing on the side. Dip your    bites and don't drench the salad. You can even tell them to leave off the tortilla strips if that is added and/or the cheese. I haven't had a fast food restaurant say no yet!


  1. Ready to break some rules? Order off the menu! Wait? Really? Yes!!! Just pretend to look it over, and then make your own dish! I do it all the time!Order steak, fish, grilled chicken and then add steamed or grilled veggies to your plate. You can add brown rice, fruit, whatever healthy options you see on the menu you can add.
  2. Have them put any and all sauces on the side, either forego it all together or dip your bites.
  3. Don't order appetizers
  4. You can always split your meals with your partner or ask for a to go box right away and put half of your meal away before you get started. This way you don't feel the need to keep going and overeat.
  5. Deserts? Well there's not to many ways to get around this one so….
  6. Don't order any
  7. Split it with a friend or everyone at the table

Remember desert is a treat and not a necessity!

If you listened to the podcast I mentioned I would throw in a few examples of meals you make that will satisfy some cravings!

Here are a few from out past blog posts! Ryan's Protein Pancakes, Mike's Nurish Bowl, Tamrin's Asian Shrimp and Noodles and because it is October (Pumpkin Season Duh! Ha Ha) here are some Pumpkin protein bonbons! Yes!!

I will be posting my favorite recipe from a few years back called Clean Peanut Butter soon! 

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