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"Prepare Yourself, Recruit" with Bert Copeland


​​In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we speak with Lieutenant Bert Copeland and Sergeant Marc Marty, both out of Southern California, about physically preparing for the police academy. You'll also hear some great sun protection tips for cops from Deputy Dee and Maddie.

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Show Take-Aways

 Summary of the interview with Marc and Bert:

  • Woman on the crossfit academy Instagram page is doing an intense workout including keg throwing and hanging upside down while getting punched in the abs.
  • A drug dealer is flashing cash while streaming live on social media and the police were surrounding his house.
  • Marc is a training and recruitment sergeant.
  • The agility text includes an obstacle course, dummy drag, jump over wooden fence, jump over chain link fence, and a sprint.
  • At orientation Marc goes over how each testing category is scored.
  • When going through the academy you should have a good pair of shoes and be doing a lot of cardio related fitness.
  • Before you apply for the academy you need to already start preparing your body and working out.
  • Running, push-ups, sit-ups, functional fitness, HIIT, and crossfit are workouts you should incorporate in your training.
  • You don't need to be in a gym to prepare yourself you can find great full body workouts on social media and YouTube.
  • First impressions are important, always be dressed to impress.
  • Bert says that they limit their amount of discipline during a day so they make a log of it, logs are checked daily.
  • They make sure that the people in the academy are held accountable when they make a mistake so they're fully aware and can change it.
  • In the academy, you should stop lifting weights because you have to be lean, strong, and have the stamina for running and endurance.
  • It is really hard to train on your own for the academy, having a trainer or a pre-academy to push you or show you what you are lacking is suggested.
  • When trying to get over the wall for people having trouble Bert suggest a verticle jump, getting the wall under your armpit and swinging over the wall.
  • Interval training with your body weight: sit-ups, mountain climbers, push-ups, etc.
  • 80% is nutrition, 20% is fitness and no processed foods.
  • Stay hydrated, there are additives that you can also use like hydrus.
  • Contact Team Fit For Duty for online coaching for academy prep at teamfitforduty.com

Sun Safety suggestions with Dee and Maddie:

  • Wear long sleeves when you're going to be in the sun for long periods of time.
  • If you're on night shifts make sure to get some sun and avoid being vitamin D deficient.
  • Make sure to get the natural benefits from the sun and maintain a healthy balance.
  • Be careful when using tanning beds and UV lights.
  • If you're in the sun a lot be sure to get check ups.


Nutrition/Fitness Tip - Exercises to help you maximize fat loss and muscle gain.

This week's nutrition/fitness tip from Tamrin Olden

 Certain types of exercises generally yield the best results when it comes to fat burning and muscle building.

So what exercises am I referring to exactly? Compound movements. Simply put - a compound, also know as complex exercise is a multi-joint movement that recruits large portions of the body or more muscles to complete the exercise, compared to simple or isolation movements that involve fewer muscles. The more muscles you use to perform an exercise the more calories you burn, the higher intensity the workout, the better you perform and the more you are able to strengthen those various muscles due to the increased stimulation of muscle fibers.

For example: if you used the leg extension machine, which is an isolated movement, you are simply moving the weight in a seated position using your knee joint and working your quads. and aren't really involving other any muscles. There isn't much involvement, if any, from other muscles and it doesn't burn very many calories.

Now let's look at the walking lunge (with or without weights). You start by standing with your feet together - holding dumbbells, a barbell or medicine ball if you choose to do them weighted, - you step forward and lower your back knee then push off your front foot and pull your back leg forward, repeating the movement. How many muscles did you utilize while performing the lunge? Probably too many to count. You certainly work your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, abdominals, supporting muscles in your shoulders, arms and back—just to name a few. You also raised your heart rate and kicked your metabolism into high gear. That's a great leg exercise in comparison if you ask me.

Examples of other great compound movements are: bench press, overhead shoulder press, rows, pull-ups, deadlift and squat - basically, if an exercise involves pushing, pulling, squatting or deadlifting, it's usually training more than one major muscle group, and that makes it a compound exercise. Now compare that with bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises and chest flyes which are all isolation movements.

Don't get me wrong, I am not telling you to throw isolated exercises out the window, they serve a particular purpose and any exercise is better than no exercise but I'm sure you agree that compound movements give you more overall benefits by comparison.

Of course, there is more involved to achieving your fitness goals. You need to take control of your eating habits and to get your diet dialed in. If you need help getting a workout and nutrition plan together head over to teamfitforduty.com and check out the plans we have available by our teach of trainers. Make sure to download the BOLO Podcast app to get access to a discount code that can be used on all team fit for duty plans and apparel.

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