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"Throw Down Or Throw Up" with Ray Salvante


​In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we are interviewing Ray Salvante of Conquer Fit. Coming out of the service and having knowledge of fitness, he started training his sister and her friend outdoors. From there people were asking to join in on the workouts and it escalated to 100 people in his classes at a time charging only $2 per class. His workouts are team exercises, using all body weight. Ray's passion for fitness is driven by being able to help people improve themselves and having an impact on their lives.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of the interview with Ray of Conquer-Fit :

  • Started when his sister asked him to train her and her friend.
  • Started doing his classes for free, as more people started to join he started charging $2 per class and has maintained that same fee.
  • The marine corp is where he learned his knowledge of fitness and training.
  • Has very loyal clients who have been with him since day one.
  • The camaraderie of the mud runs and having the motivation to train for them can become a healthy addiction.
  • Moto is "One Team, One Fight".
  • Ray incorporates creative workouts inspired by his training in the marine corp.
  • Starts clients off slowly with team efforts to get ready for mud runs and tough mudder challenges.
  • You're only as fast as your slowest team member.
  • Part of his training for the challenges includes: jumping over walls, carry sandbags, climb ropes, low crawl, etc.
  • Builds chemistry amongst the team to better work together.
  • You have to want it!
  • Find a workout partner that wants to be on the same page as you and is interested in doing the same thing so you have someone to push you.
  • Trainers and professionals can help with self-motivation and keep you accountable.
  • If you don't have access to gyms or personal training use your resources, such as social media and the internet to learn workouts.
  • You don't want to overeat before working out, you want to have a light breakfast but with substance. Example: Rice cakes or toast with almond butter.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Ray believes in getting nutrients from your food and natural resources, but suggests clean supplements and to determine based on your body. He does, however, recommend BCAA's before and after a workout.
  • If using a pre-workout, your body does become immune so, Tamrin suggests cycling on and off.
  • Find a partner or group of people with your same focus, dial in with your nutrition, do body weight exercises and using your resources on social media.

*If Mike does Ray's workout for 45 minutes and doesn't tap out, Ray will give The BOLO Podcast listeners free workouts for a month!! Stay tuned to see if he survives!

To follow Ray head over to his Instagram @Conquer_Fit or on FaceBook @ConqueringFit 


Nutrition/Fitness Tip - Plateaus

This week's nutrition/fitness tip from Tamrin

Weight loss plateaus happen because our bodies are extremely adaptable. Over time your body not only becomes stronger but also a more efficient calorie-burner. Also, after you start to lose weight, your body adjusts yet again, requiring fewer calories than it did before. It's like an ever changing puzzle you have to work at to find that perfect balance.

There might be other factors halting your progress as well. Here are 4 things you need to ask yourself that may help you break that plateau:

  1. How consistent are you being with your plan? Are you dialed in 100 percent when it comes to following your nutrition and workout plan or are you maybe having too many cheats and skipping your cardio? If you aren't being consistent you won't make progress.
  2. Are you getting enough fiber? You should be having at least 30 grams of fiber a day, preferably from food - not supplements. Not only does the nutrient help with digestion but studies show it helps burn extra calories.
  3. Are you having too much sodium? Sometimes the scale isn't budging because your body is retaining water. Retention and bloat can happen for a number of reasons, however, the most common cause is consuming too much sodium-filled processed foods. Water clings to sodium like a magnet, so when you have more than usual, you may hang onto extra fluid. And though it may not seem like it can influence the scale too drastically, just four cups of water equates to two pounds! Cut sodium by dialing back on processed foods like frozen dinners and canned foods.
  4. Are you getting enough sleep? Now we talked about sleep deprivation a few episodes ago. More than one out of three American adults do not get enough sleep. Long-term side effects include changing your metabolism and subsequent weight gain - particularly in the mid section. and change your metabolism for the worse. In fact, one study reveals that getting less than 6 hours of sleep can reduce fat loss by a 55%—in part because when you're sleepy you also feel hungrier.

Now after assessing where you stand in those four areas you should have an idea on a few things you can work on to get over that plateau. If those areas aren't an issue for you you need to change up your workout and nutrition plan.

I've also talked about scale obsession before and fat loss versus weight loss so make sure you track your success other way - because you may not be asking the scale move but you're losing fat and inches - which is even better right!? Take progress photos, bodytape measurements and body fat to truly assess if you've hit a plateau.

If you need help with a plan feel free to reach out to me or any of our other amazing trainers to see if one of our programs is a good fit for you. 

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