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"California Teen is Going To The CrossFit Games" with Ashby Johnston


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're talking with Ashby Johnston, a 14 year old girl headed to the CrossFit Games. Being an athlete since the age of 5, her mom brought her to CrossFit Pandemic 3 years ago, where she quickly fell in love with CrossFit training. 

At this extremely young age, she's on her way to the CrossFit Games August 3-6 and she's filling us in on her training process with her Coach, Mike. Also, the Crew is talking about how to handle setbacks while going through the selection process of the academy and Tamrin is giving us some tips on how to stay on track while you're on vacation.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of the interview with The Crew:

  • The law enforcement profession isn't looking for perfection, but honesty.
  • Failing the background usually has to do with lying during your interview.
  • If you think you can deceive the selection process and the polygraph, it's not possible.
  • If you really want to be apart of the profession own up to your mistakes.
  • People who have life experience tend to make better cops.
  • People who have overcome obstacles and challenges in life can make for good officers.
  • Having additional experiences on top of a degree is beneficial.
  • Celebrate the little accomplishments and keep a positive mindset instead of focusing on the negatives.
  • This is not a typical 9-5 job, you have to have the passion for the law enforcement profession.
  • Being an officer is not just what you do, but becomes who you are.

Summary of the interview with Ashby:

  • Ashby first got introduced to CrossFit by her mom, who is a CrossFit athlete.
  • At age 11, after she went to Pandemic with her mom, Ashby started training with her mom.
  • Since her whole family is involved in CrossFit, she felt welcomed at the gym when she started working out at the gym and wasn't intimidated.
  • As an athlete, soccer was keeping her fit at school, but she fell in love with CrossFit.
  • She watches videos of other CrossFit athletes to see what she's up against and analyzes their form.
  • Finds that CrossFit helps manage the stresses of being a young teenager.
  • Ashby's doesn't usually know what her workouts are going to be before stepping into the gym.
  • As soon as Coach Mike tells her what they're going to be working out that day, she just gets it done without hesitation.
  • Ashby is starting to get comfortable with the movements that she is going to be doing in the CrossFit Games.
  • No matter what sport you play since CrossFit is functional fitness, it would be beneficial in helping you in your skills and becoming a well-rounded athlete.
  • The gymnastic movements and bodyweight movements are more of a challenge for Ashby and is what she's focused on improving.
  • She has incorporated running and swimming in her workouts since she'll be doing them in the games.
  • No matter what age you're at there will always be people wanting to tear you down, use that negative energy as fuel and turn it into positive.
  • Being that Ashby is 14 years old and is doing CrossFit for fun, she doesn't follow a strict diet and can be a kid.
  • Has only sustained injury from soccer and now from CrossFit.
  • #FrogThighs came from criticism of people saying, "If you keep CrossFitting and squatting, you're going to have frog thighs". Ashby turned it into something positive and started hashtagging "Frog Thighs"
  • Ashby goes to CrossFit trains 2 days a week.
  • Now that soccer has let out and isn't in school for summer, Ashby has more time to dedicate to train for the CrossFit games.
  • Ashby's life plans are going to college and eventually owning a gym.
  • Coach Mike at CrossFit Pandemic is coaching CrossFit at his gym and helping people achieve whatever goal they may have… from trying to make it to the CrossFit Games, helping grandmas squat, and offering a range of classes.
  • The CrossFit Games are August 3-6.
  • You can follow Ashby Johnston on Instagram @ashby.johnston 


Nutrition/Fitness Tip - Staying On Track While On Vacation

This week's nutrition/fitness tip from Tamrin Olden

  • It usually takes the same amount of days to get back on track, as your were off track.
  • Get the mindset before you're on vacation to try and stay on track.
  • Find out where the nearest gym is to where you're staying.
  • Pack your gym clothes.
  • Portion out your supplements in baggies and bring your shaker cup.
  • Bring resistance bands or research body weight exercises you can do anywhere, so you can get in a quick workout that will only take you 20 minutes. 

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