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"The 2017 LA World Police & Fire Games" with LAPD Officer Suzan Nelson


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're talking with Suzan Nelson. Suzan is a LAPD officer of 22 years who runs the organization for the 2017 World Police and Fire Games, hosted in Southern California from August 7-14. She is a wife and mother of 3 girls, who works out every day and on weekends she incorporates her family into her workouts doing activities such as: taking them kayaking, rowing, playing soccer and taking them along to the gym.

Mike and Leslie speak with Kyle Bailey, an officer from Southern California who is competing in two events at the games, for road cycling.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of the interview with Kyle:

  • Kyle started doing triathlons back in 1992.
  • Kyle signed up for the cycling road race, and time trial event this year for the games.
  • The World Police and Fire Games are parallel to the Olympics for law enforcement and firefighters.
  • The time trial event, if all goes smoothly, could be done in approximately 26 minutes going approximately 23mph. The course is 17.8 km.
  • Kyle doesn't follow a strict diet while training, but cuts back on junk.
  • Proper fuel is needed in order to have the stamina to get through training and the actual event.
  • After his shift, he usually gets in between an 1hr-1 ½hr ride to train.

Summary of the interview with Suzan:

  • Currently Suzan is working in labor relations detail which consists of assisting 350 unions during marches, protests, rallies and events that become political when they're dealing with contract issues and collective bargaining.
  • The labor relations department is a neutral party who are liaisons for both management and unions.
  • The World Police and Fire Games was initially supposed to be held in Canada and Los Angeles was offered to host the games.
  • Suzan was asked to delegate for the Chinese, she's fluent, to help them shadow the LA's operations since they will be held there in 2019.
  • There are various venues from Glen Helen to Santa Clarita to Camp Pendleton.
  • 66 countries have joined in on the games.
  • Mainly LAPD will be manning the venue's; however, allied agencies will also assist.
  • Mike and Alan aka "Juicy" are signed up for cornhole and muster for the games.
  • The WPFG have been going on for 32 years and is hosted every 2 years.
  • The WPFG is second to the Olympic Summer Games.
  • Between August 7-17 they will hold different themed at the Staple Center courtyard.
  • If you are a fire personnel or in law enforcement bring your I.D., there is a $5 cover charge, but you have access to watch all events.
  • For family and children, as long as you are with an officer or fire personnel you will be allowed in.
  • Bodybuilding is now included again as an event.
  • Since Suzan has to coordinate with countries in all different time zones, she is up throughout the night corresponding.
  • You will be able to view video and photos on social media, also by googling World Games you can find links to view events.

*Follow Suzan Nelson on Twitter @LAPDSuzan. To learn more about The World Police and Fire Games or volunteer go to la17wpfg.com and to follow the games on social media head over to their Instagram @la17wpfg

*If you are an athlete competing in any events reach out to us to give you a shout out and give our support!!! DM us on Instagram, send a message through FaceBook, or email us through thebolopodcast.com 

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