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"Cops In The Restroom" with Janae Zich


​In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Mike and Tamrin are covering this week's law enforcement topics and giving us tips on all of the key aspects of started on your weight loss journey. Also, Mike introduces you guys to Janae, our social media and marketing manager, the woman behind the scenes and our blog writer. Keep up with @thebolopodcast on Instagram, as she'll be giving you guys updates throughout the week on upcoming topics and guests we'll be covering.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of segment with Mike and Janae:

  • There is a gym in Georgia who posted a sign on their gym banning cops from their gym.
  • Later the same gym offered a discount to servicemen and women, leading people to believe that it was just a marketing ploy.
  • Reasoning given by the gym was they wanted to be sensitive to people in their community who felt threatened by officers.
  • Atlanta police responded by saying that the sign was not going to stop officers from doing their job in case of an emergency.
  • Mike's review on the Reese's Pieces donut came back and the verdict is… stick with the original, it wasn't all it was hyped up to be.
  • Team Fit For Duty's app makes fitness and nutrition plans easy putting everything right at your finger tips, even with video tutorials.
  • Man shot an officer 6 times on January 1, 2016. Video was released recently, as the case went to trial, of the man pleaded with the shooter to tell his family he loved them. The footage was captured on a pair of google glasses the officer had purchased for $30.
  • A cannabis company purchases the town of Nipton, CA and have plans of turning the city into a cannabis tourist attraction.
  • Janae will be updating everyone on what The BOLO Podcast has coming up. Stay tuned!!!

Summary of segment with Tamrin and Mike:

  • Tamrin is the head trainer and owner for Team Fit For Duty.
  • If you have any questions for Tamrin, even if you aren't a client, feel free to message her with any questions you have about fitness and nutrition.
  • Team Fit For Duty private forum is a private FaceBook group where people can go to talk about health, fitness, workouts, post and view recipes, or even "swolefies".
  • Tamrin was a mom who wasn't comfortable with herself and wants to help people find their motivation to get out of that insecure state.
  • Mike will be talking about a tragic incident that happened while on the job and 2 or 3 days after signed up for a CrossFit gym. Stay tuned and we'll be doing an episode on that in November.
  • People have bad days, months, but you have to dig down and find your motivation- kids, family, etc. Put notes around your home and other reminders.
  • By doing calorie restriction and starving yourself will make you lose weight, but this can slow down your body's ability to metabolise foods.
  • Mike talks about the dangers of eating gas station nachos.
  • Look up the nutrition facts when you go out to eat- eating a salad from a chain restaurant or a bowl can have the same macro nutrients as something that may seem worse.
  • Meal Prep: especially breakfast, snacks, and lunch) is a must if you want to stay on track and stay away from unhealthy food.
  • Healthy fibrous foods help to keep your digestive system regulated.
  • Having your food prepped out give you a no excuse approach to your nutrition.
  • Make foods that you enjoy with meal prepping, switch it up and use the internet for ideas.
  • Check-ins: do weekly check ins to monitor your progress. This will help to keep you accountable.
  • We are our own worst critic. So keeping track of progress photos and measurements will help you gage how much you've progressed.
  • Water: whether you're drinking your by itself or with additives like hydrus, getting your water helps with weight and fat loss, your skin, energy, digestion and helps you feel full.
  • Tracking Your Food:or keeping a food journal, write down what you're eating or use an app like MyFitnessPal. This will help you visually realize what you're putting in your body and keep track of your macro/micronutrients. By viewing the breakdown of your intake you will know when you can skimp or splurge.
  • Make time for yourself to be active! Make it a priority not only for your physical self, but for your mental state as well.
  • Being healthy is not about vanity, but about quality of life and being able to enjoy the things that involve being active.
  • Bring your kids along for workouts or physical activities.
  • Find whatever you enjoy doing: running, zumba, hiking, CrossFit, kick boxing etc.
  • Create reasonable goals that will be attainable for your body type. Be the best version of you!
  • Set your screensaver to a photo of your former self where you were happy with yourself and you know that this goal is attainable being that it is a photo of yourself.
  • Accountability and Support: having someone to support you and keep you accountable (Ex. spouse, friends, family, trainer) choose someone that will be motivating and honest with you.

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