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"Sixteen Candles and Supplements!" with Larry Cheng


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Mike, Tamrin, and "Juicy" are back and speaking with Larry Cheng. Larry has been in law enforcement for 5 years. Before joining law enforcement he worked in the sports nutrition industry as a formulator. He is bringing us some serious knowledge on supplements and is informing us on what to look for when choosing a supplement, what to research and be aware of when looking for a pre-workout and other products manufactured to aid in your fitness.

The crew is discussing this week's hot topics from a family's home that was protected by their dog, the danger of Fentanyl to officer's and the community, and the stresses back to school brings to the whole family.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of the segment with Larry Cheng:

  • You are never too young or too old to start on your wellness journey.
  • There was a couple who came home and found blood all over their walls. An intruder had come into their home and the dog attacked the intruder, who fled the scene.
  • When you are around school grounds reduce your speed.
  • If a pedestrian is in the intersection, marked or unmarked, you must yield to the pedestrian.
  • Make sure your children are aware of their surroundings and are not distracted by devices.
  • Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, exposures to officers and the community have become an epidemic. A state of emergency was declared in Detroit due to the severity of contact with the drug.
  • When looking at drugs like carfentanil and lofentanil, the dependency is even more severe than heroin.
  • From a single touch of these drugs getting on officer's uniforms, there have been reports of the officers overdosing from brushing the residue off.
  • "The higher the stimulants the better the supplement" is not true.
  • There are only so of a stimulant that your body can utilize.
  • People build up their tolerance for certain stimulants and up their dosage, and become reliant, this is not the healthy thing to do.
  • With all of the stimulants, you may not realize how much you are damaging your body
  • Caffeine is the most prevalent stimulant in pre-workouts.
  • Know your tolerance of caffeine before choosing a pre-workout and don't overdo it.
  • You cannot be told by someone else what is best for you in particular when choosing a supplement or stimulant, it must be tailored to your needs.
  • Tamrin cycles off with her pre-workout so she doesn't become dependent or immune to it, Larry also suggests this.
  • Putting a little bit of your pre workout in your water and sipping it throughout your shift will help you maintain instead of getting a rush and crashing later.
  • Nature made caffeine like green tea, cacao, guarana, and coffee are going to last a while longer than something made in a lab.
  • Pre-workout was originally designed to open your blood cells and release nitrous oxide, creating a pump.
  • You can be counter productive by taking too much pre-workout and not get that pump you may desire.
  • If you are looking to get in law enforcement, by taking illegal substances or something legal that wasn't prescribed to you, you could be disqualified for it.
  • Be aware and don't get caught up in the supplements.
  • It's better to under do something than overdose.
  • Your body is going to try and protect it self, so by overdoing certain supplements, you can end up feeling sick or causing cardiovascular problems.
  • Know body and know your tolerance.
  • More is not better.
  • What is your purpose for the supplement?
  • Don't rely on a supplement for your primary supplement or as a quick fix.
  • Proper sleep and nutrition are crucial in reaching your fitness goals.
  • Always make sure you have nutrients and food in your system before taking supplements.
  • Check with a physician before taking supplements, especially if you have a pre-existing condition or a history in your family of a condition.
  • Make sure to read the labels and do your research on the ingredients in the product.
  • Look for a new business opportunity we will be bringing to fitness trainers soon!!!
  • Magnesium and aspartate are what Larry recommends to help with insomnia.
  • Night time workouts, putting the electronics away, natural essential oils, and natural supplements may help with insomnia.
  • You will be exposed to 5 different FTO's because the department wants you to be exposed to different ways of doing things.
  • The public deserves officers who are diligent, competent, and professional.

Mike met Melissa, a dispatcher, and her son Caleb, who was born prematurely. As a result of some medication, as a baby, Caleb had severe hearing loss and they need our help getting hearing aids for this amazing 9-year-old boy. Go to www.gofundme.com/calebs-hearing-aids-fund to donate and help Caleb. You can follow Caleb's mom, Melissa on Instagram @melissa_lannee.

If you are preparing for the police academy fitness program or the police physical fitness examination, supplements may help you perform at a higher level. However, always check the ingredients of anything you place in your body while testing for a law enforcement position, to ensure it does not test positive for an illegal substance.


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