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"Push-ups Anyone?" with Tamrin and Mike


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Mike and Tamrin are on location at CrossFit OuterLimits for the fundraiser for Officer Michael Gracia and his fiancé Summer, who were both injured at the Las Vegas shooting at Route 91. This was Tamrin's first time setting foot in a CrossFit gym and Mike is just getting back in the game, but these two took on the challenge! So who do you think took it? Team Tamrin took it this time leaving Mike in the dust and with an additional $100 out of his pocket for the cause.

Our hosts also go over the different forms of pull ups, how to improve your ability to execute them, different methods that have helped them to increase their numbers and reach practical goals.

Dispatcher Kristen, from Team Fit For Duty, is giving us tips on pantry purging and how to get rid of the candy laying around from Halloween with "The Switch Witch". 

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Show Take-Aways

  • The CrossFit workout Mike and Tamrin are taking on is a reflection of Officer Gracia's badge number
  • The 8 minute workout consists of:

80 Wall balls

4 hang cleans

5 deadlifts

4 bar hop burpees

  • Tamrin finished the workout in 6 minutes and smoked Mike!!!
  • Mike had to fork out $100 addition to donate for the cause.
  • Push-ups and pull-ups are great foundational movements.
  • If you are training to do a physical agility test for swat testing, annual, or pre academy, you should be working on your push ups and pull ups.
  • Make sure you are being practical with your goals.
  • There are different methods to increasing your ability to perform these.
  • Tamrin started doing pull ups to failure, even if they were half reps. By doing the movement you are stimulating the muscle and simulating the movement even if you aren't able to get the full range of motion in. Do as many as you can and follow by doing assisted pull ups with a band or machines.
  • Over time you will work up to doing more unassisted and less assisted.
  • There are bands you can purchase that come in varied colors that add a certain amount of assistance/resistance.
  • Mike crosses his feet in a backwards L and has a coach lifting his feet as you do a repetition.
  • Find which width and hand position works best for you.
  • Overhand, underhand, or neutral are different pull up positions you can do.
  • Tamrin is prone to shoulder injuries so she adjust her form to prevent repeating injury.
  • Finding the proper grip will help you to progress doing unassisted pull ups.
  • Doing pull ups or workouts with your gear on adds an additional 20-30 lbs.
  • Officer's have to train with the reality that someone might be bigger, faster, and stronger than you.
  • Being able to pull yourself up or someone else could allow you to save a life.
  • Train your arm and your hand to get a hold of how to have proper movement.
  • Work on your grip strength by using different band movements.
  • NEW CHALLENGE!!! 6 week pull up challenge- Do as many pull ups unassisted to failure, by assisted pull ups to failure, each week improve your numbers by 20%.
  • If you're wondering why woman who you see in the gym that are thin and fit still have cellulite. It's fascia. Fascia is the tissue between the skin and the muscle that clumps up.
  • There are fascia rollers and devices that you can purchase to smooth out your fascia.
  • Fascia rollers will cause some bruising because it causes trauma to the tissue.
  • These rollers are not a magic wand! They will not get rid of fat but smooth out your fascia.
  • Diet and exercise are the most effective way to lose weight and be healthy.

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