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"The Healthy Blue Line" with Demetrius Dixon


​In this episode of the BOLO Podcast, we are speaking with Demetrius Dixon, a police officer in Georgia for the past 7 years. Demetrius is passionate not only about working out, but the general health of our nation's police officers. He's a certified personal trainer and a physique competitor as one of Team Fit For Duty's newest online fitness and nutrition coaches.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of the interview with Demetrius:

  • Train to be better than the best criminal, train to fight, make sure your body is prepared.
  • Nutrition has effect on your energy levels, not only physically but mentally. Avoid "junk"
  • Cardio is a key to up your endurance so you have to ability to save people's lives and stay ahead of criminals.
  • To keep up energy levels and metabolism with nutrition, it is recommended that you eat every 2-3 hours a day.
  • Track Micro-nutrients, make sure meals are well portioned and controlled.
  • Writes notes around work in eating areas and gym to keep fellow employees motivated to be healthy.
  • Get your body and mind into condition where your body can tolerate the physical demands that come with being an officer.
  • Train to be able to function with your gear on with functional and controlled training.
  • If you're on patrol or work in an environment where you're sitting a lot or aren't being active, periodically get out and walk or stretch to keep yourself alert and get your blood flowing.

You can follow Demetrius Dixon on Instagram @fit.by.choice31 

Nutrition/Fitness Tip - 

 Tamrin from Team Fit for Duty offers these points:

  • As humans we are creatures of habit; we fall into our daily routines in various aspects of life and typically revert to what we know and are comfortable with.
  • When it comes to your workouts, following the same routine for too long can limit your ability to make progress and ultimately reach your health and fitness goals.
  • If you want to push yourself, make progress, see change or move beyond a plateau or rut you are stuck in, you have to change it up.
  • Your body does adapt to your routine, but it doesn't need to be as calculated as "shocking your body" every "x" amount of weeks.
  • Change your number of reps reps amount of weight: this can be done with pyramid sets, super-sets, drop sets, pause reps, high reps/low weight or low reps/high weight
  • Change up your cardio: use a different cardio machine, change your environment outdoors or add HIIT (or high intensity interval training) to your routine
  • Focus on form and make every rep count: Make that mind-muscle connection - contract and release, use full range motion, slow down the reps, control the movement with proper form and always engage the core
  • Variations of the same exercise: use different equipment (dumbbells instead of cable, machine instead of barbell), do unilateral exercises (meaning one arm or leg at a time) or try different grip or angle
  • Try a new type of workout: whether it's crossfit, weight-lifting, power lifting, cycling, bootcamp or circuit training…mix in some new workouts here and there
  • These tips aren't meant to be fully implemented all at once or all of the time.
  • Remember the importance of nutrition to accompany and support your efforts in the gym.

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