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"No One Fights Alone" with Narcie Sousa


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we have sheriffs detective in homicide and owner of Cable CrossFit in Upland Narcie Sousa in the studio. Narcie is sharing how he got into the CrossFit business, his genuine business model, the journey he has been on with his family, and the support they are receiving from his department and gym.

Marc and Tamrin are talking about body cams; officers who were apprehensive about them and how they have come to prove cases of complaint. The crew also covers this week's law enforcement hot topics and more!

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Hot Topics with The Crew:

  • Botox is supposed to help with migraines when injected into specific nerves. 
  • National Donut Day passed, and our hosts had to indulge. 
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are doing specialty blends of teas and coffee, for fallen officers with part of the profits going to the families of fallen officers. 
  • An officer in uniform went on a rant while in his unit about "f*&# the police" and people who openly speak negatively about officers, but call the police for assistance. 
  • Today's officers often hesitate to respond, have low morale, develop health issues because of anti-policing movements. 
  • We should not form opinions based on clips of videos involving officers. Seek out the full-length footage to create an unbiased opinion. 
  • A video of a 20-year-old was seen being punched by an officer claiming she didn't do anything. When the full video was released, it was proved that she was in the wrong. 
  • In some departments, your body cam buffers back 30 seconds before the record button is pressed. 
  • Tamrin's department experienced a lowered rate of complaints since implementing officers wearing body cams. 
  • Civilians often file complaints or make claims of unnecessary force. Body cams allow for officers to be able to prove justification for the use of force. 
  • Marc Marty suggests for his fellow officers always to conduct yourself as though you are being recorded.

Summary of Interview with Narcie Sousa:

  • Cable CrossFit is located in Southern California; in Upland, CA. They opened in March 2016. 
  • Narcie went to his first CrossFit class in 2011 and after getting his butt kicked didn't return for two years. 
  • FRAN is reps of 21-15- 9, front squat thrusts to press over-head followed by pull-ups.
  • FRAN was Narcie's first CrossFit experience and took him 17 minutes to finish when it typically takes 2-5 minutes. 
  • CrossFit is a team atmosphere with a family of people pushing each other to challenge themselves. 
  • Tamrin did the Murph Challenge for Memorial Day and finished in an hour and five. 
  • Narcie woke up at 430 and did the challenge early with the vest. 
  • He prefers training before coaching his workouts. 
  • Marc does Tabata runs on the treadmill. 
  • Initially, Narcie did not want anything to do with owning a CrossFit gym. 
  • He got his L1 certification in 2015 and felt that he had something to offer people through training. 
  • He was struggling with the idea when a fellow officer came to him with the idea of opening a gym. With the support of his wife, and overcoming his fear, he decided to open with two other partners. 
  • Narcie has two partners for Cable Crossfit; Autumn, with a background of boot camp style classes, and another who is a fellow officer. 
  • Women tend to take the boot camp classes, and as they see themselves getting stronger want to do CrossFit. 
  • Narcie is on call working homicide, but his department rotates between five class of being on standby. 
  • Cable CrossFit has great trainers and coaches who help pick up classes if Narcie gets called in. 
  • At Cable CrossFit, the family goes beyond the gym. They do dinners and bbq's, meal trains, donations, and have developed quality friendships. 
  • They do have several large competing gyms in his surrounding areas, but Narcie is confident in the product he offers to clients.
  • Narcie's motivation for the gym is to bring positivity to the CrossFit community and demographics of the gym. 
  • Narcie is on the board of the Sheriff's Athletic Federation, and Cable CrossFit is hosting the 3rd Annual SAF Showdown on June 23. It is a male/male, female/female competition with divisions in intermediate and RX.
  • The competition is open for enrollment and signup is available on Cable CrossFit's website or click their link in the bio on Instagram. 
  • There are three workouts posted on the websites. 
  • Progression, not perfections. Focus on getting better than you were before. 
  • Leave your ego at the door when you walk into a gym. 
  • People associate getting hurt with CrossFit, but it's when people try to push themselves beyond their ability, skill-level or use poor form that causes injury. 
  • Narcie's daughters are active, and his wife pushes herself to compete with others she see's who are stronger. 
  • Narcie's wife was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in March 2017. 
  • She noticed large bruising and decided to get tested when they told her platelets were extremely low. 
  • Your platelets are what control your body and don't let it bleed too much and thicken the blood. 
  • She started chemo and was in for 30 days for treatment. 
  • September - January there were no traces of leukemia, and following a family vacation they found traces again, and she started chemo. 
  • From Pomona Valley, she went to Cedar Sinai for bone marrow procedures. If she receives a transplant, it will be done there. 
  • The department and the gym have been very supportive of helping out Officer Sousa and his family. 
  • Keep Narcie's wife in your thoughts and prayers!!

You can follow Narcie Sousa on Instagram and FaceBook @narciesousa or @cablecrossfit.

KeyStone Uniforms in Riverside, Santa Ana, and Long Beach is the official sponsor of The BOLO Podcast. Follow them on Instagram @keystoneuniforms.



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