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"Front Leaning Rest, Recruit" with Marc and Tamrin


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Marc and Tamrin are going over everything to consider before heading to the police academy and walking up through prep. Steps you should be taking before you even fill out your application, training for your physical agility test, and how preparing physically can help your mental preparation for the written testing. 

Marc and Tamrin discuss this week's law enforcement news including a department that sued an officer after being granted lifetime medical disability for a work-related illness.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Hot Topics with Tamrin and Marc:

  • We bleep out curse words to follow professional standards and make sure that if you are listening with children around, they are not exposed to inappropriate language. 
  • The podcast is privately owned and not affiliated with any police department. 
  • Tamrin came across an article stating that people who curse tend to be more honest, relatable, and trustworthy. 
  • A local LAPD officer @la_5_0 was diagnosed with cancer due to work-related exposures. The city awarded him lifetime medical leave, and the department is suing him fighting to pay. This officer has put his life on the line for the career he loved and has concluded that he was only a serial number to the department. 
  • Often departments deny paying for officers who get hurt on the job. 
  • Tamrin's department had a walk of honor for a retiring officer of 30 years. They go out to the front of the PD building and do an end of watch broadcast, form a line, and they do a walk with everyone in the department, fire, local business and recognize you for your time. 
  • When people get older, they tend to lose passion for their career and become tainted by what they've been exposed to on the job.

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Academy Prep/Hiring Discussion with Marc and Tamrin:

  • Marc works as the recruitment, hiring, and training sergeant. He also helps prep officers for the academy and prepping for hire. 
  • Two areas people fail but have potential to pass is the written exam and the physical agility test. 
  • Tamrin's department does the physical testing first at the Sherriff's Academy grounds. 
  • Marc started as an explorer at 15 years old. He gained exposure to getting yelled at for the first time. 
  • Marc was taught by his parents to speak to his elders with respect, how to dress and portray himself professionally in an interview. 
  • Some applicants today are used to casual speak and don't understand how to address people respectfully or professionally. 
  • Tamrin's department holds a live-in police explorer academy. 
  • Tamrin teaches the explorers life choices, wellness, education, and experience. 
  • You can start the police academy at 20 to apply at 21. 
  • Most 20-year-olds don't have a lot of experience. The explorer academy is a great way to gain exposure and make you stand out. You can also do community service, volunteer, intern, find a mentor, get involved with the church, and so you have a resume to propose. 
  • Once you've decided you want to be an officer, reach out to someone who can guide you to help you stand out above the others in a sea of applications. 
  • CrossFit is functional fitness that is great for preparing for the academy. Incorporate flexibility and cardio. 
  • There are apps, YouTube, online trainers, personal trainers, etc. to help you get ready for the physical agility test. 
  • Some departments offer pre-academy programs to help you study and prepare to get yourself ready for the academy. 
  • Don't take the PAT for granted, use it as an advantage to assess where you're at physically. 
  • The PAT consists of 1.5-mile run (max 15 minutes), 99-yard obstacle course consisting of turns, curb height obstacles, a 34-inch high obstacle that has to be vaulted over, a body drag of a 165 lb dummy for 32 feet, a 5-yard run and get over a 6ft chainlink fence, run 25 yards get over a solid fence, run 5 yards 6 ft wall, run another 25 yards, and end with a 500 yard run. 
  • Different states and departments have different agility testing. 
  • Departments don't only hire young kids, but also pre-service, have gone through an academy, and even laterals. 
  • Getting over the wall is imperative. 
  • At every point of your career as an officer, you should be capable of passing the PAT. 
  • The post website can answer academy questions you may have. 
  • Rio Hondo has a semester class with a T score of 42. 
  • People need to prep accordingly for the written test as well as the physical. There are several books out there to help you study but talk to someone who has used that book to review. 
  • If your local college offers a class for officer academy prep, sign up!
  • Marc hosts an hour-long orientation consisting of how you should dress, how to address higher-ups, physical agility prep, and all things the process entails. 
  • Focus on bodyweight exercises. You should be able to do 50 pushups, 50 pull-ups, run 3 miles, and then run 6 miles. 
  • Tamrin suggests doing pushups, situps, planks, air squats, running, and do 20-minute circuits, 
  • Get out on the streets and run. Don't rely on running on the treadmill only; it's not the same as running on the road with uneven terrain. 
  • Prepare for the written exam mentally as well as physically.
  • We have a fireman coming up who teaches mental health to fireman and is a bodybuilder on the side.
  • A physically fit person is also a mentally fit person. 
  • Reach out to our hosts for mentorship or go to Team Fit For Duty for our academy prep program. 

*Shout out to @tattedcrossfitter222 his posts are positive with workout tutorials, and meal prep ideas.


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