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"Pin-Ups For Vets" with Gina Elise


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Mike is speaking the founder of Pin-Ups For Vets, Gina Elise. After hearing about US veterans going without medical care, she wanted to raise money by creating a 1940's Pin-Up style calendar and donate the proceeds to buy rehab equipment for a local VA hospital. 

13 years later, the calendar is striving and features female veterans sharing their amazing stories. The non-profit organization travels around the United States and overseas visiting over 12,000 veterans at different VA hospitals, military hospitals, and state veterans homes around the US.

Mikey B is solo in the studio bringing us this weeks law enforcement news.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Hot Topics with Mike:

  • A man shoots a firework towards police officers in Huntington Beach, CA. The man faces up to 27 years in prison.
  • Mike has struggled with high and low points in maintaining his weight and diet regimen. 
  • Mike felt like he had gotten stagnant with his routine and decided to switch up his work schedule. 
  • Stress can cause depression and lead to poor eating and workout habits. 
  • Mike almost stroked out while having to go to the ground with a suspect. He knew he needed to 'right the ship' again. 
  • With the accompaniment of his wife, Mike is hitting keto hard!
  • Junior Guzman was viciously stabbed with a machete outside of a bodega in New York by a group of gang members. 
  • Do you think officers need to change the tone or conversation about law enforcement?
  • Officers should be proud of the good they are doing helping people by making a difference. Don't let the negative or partial media bring you down about the profession. 

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Summary of Interview with Gina Elise:

  • Gina Elise is the founder of Pin-ups For Vets making pin-up calendars for Veterans. The proceeds go to medical equipment for wounded veterans. 
  • Gina was working in the hotel industry while she built the non-profit organization. She now works full time on PinUps For Vets. 
  • When Gina heard about vets coming back from Iraq without medical care, she wanted to do something unique to help out. 
  • She was a big fan of WWII pin-up art from the 1940s and wanted to bring that back with a calendar to raise money and donate to buy rehab equipment for a local VA hospital. 
  • In the beginning, she was the only model in the calendar and only had intentions of doing it for one year. 
  • Military bloggers started spreading the work about Pin-Ups for Vets. 
  • She started giving people the option to purchase the calendar personally or give one as a gift that Gina would deliver in the VA hospitals or gift to deployed units.
  • After her 1st year, she was able to donate $5000 to the Loma Linda VA in California. People began to inquire about when the calendar for the following year would be available, she decided to work on another. 
  • Pin-ups for Vets just shot their 13th Calendar. 
  • Since their initial launch, they have visited with over 12,000 veterans at different VA hospitals, military hospitals, state veterans homes around the US, and visited Launsdale VA hospital in Germany. 
  • They are currently on a 50 state US hospital tour, ship care packages to deployed units, offer makeovers for military wives and female vets and continue to donate rehab equipment. 
  • The calendar now features female vets. 
  • Starting in 2006, it has been a slow build but is flourishing. 
  • Gina was not involved in the military community before starting Pin-Ups for Vets. 
  • She was a major in the arts and a dancer in for many years. 
  • Gina has a great passion to serve the military community and has been inspired by the people she's come in contact with. 
  • Mike came across a photo of Gina with Ranger Mike Slitz, Mike lost both of his arms and had burns over 80% of his body, but still exudes positivity with a smile in the photograph. 
  • When she first started visiting vets who were severely injured, she was shocked at the severity of their injuries. 
  • She knew that her visits with wounded veterans weren't about her feelings, but it was her job to keep their spirits up and bring joy. 
  • A few years into running the calendar, Gina started receiving inquiries about female veterans that wanted to model and volunteer. 
  • The veteran models and volunteers have a special bond with fellow veterans. 
  • Female and male veterans who have chosen to model in the calendar gain the platform to share their story. 
  • PinupsForVets brings people of different backgrounds together for the same cause. 
  • A female vet said, "she came for the service and stayed for the sisterhood."
  • There is a casting call in spring for model vets to pose for the calendar and also share their story. They aim to hire people who are inspiring and have a great story to tell. 
  • Look out for their social media casting calls. Submit a photo, a submission about your service, what you did in the military, and why you want to be a part of Pinups For Vets.
  • The organization received amazing submissions from all over the United States, but only has a limited number of spots. 
  • All of the pin-up months in the calendar are prior service, some photos are of volunteers. 
  • Kirstie Ennis is a marine corp veteran. Six years later, she suffered a broken neck, lost her jaw, had a below the knee and above the knee amputation. She is the first female amputee featured in the magazine. 
  • If you go on to pinupsforvets.com you can go online and purchase for yourself, deliver in a care package, or have the pinups deliver the calendar to the hospitals. You can also make a one-time donation or set up recurring monthly donations.

For more information go to pinupsforvets.com or follow on social media @pinupsforvets


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