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"Shift Survival - Graveyard Edition" with Officer Ike


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Officer Ike is in the studio. Ike has been of graveyard shift for the majority of his career in law enforcement. He is telling us how he's stayed in shape while working during the nocturnal hours, ways to help your body adjust, and the excitement working graveyard offers. 

Marc and Tamrin are covering a mother who took a headshot to a carjacker when her kids were in the car, heartbreaking officer suicides that happened this week accross the country, and what we can do to support our cops.

All of this and more!

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Hot Topics with Tamrin and Marc:

  • Suicide within law enforcement is a common occurrence because of the suppression of tragedy and failed acknowledgment. 
  • A deputy in Dallas committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 
  • Seek out help for depression and thoughts of suicide. 
  • Some departments have peer support teams, therapist, chaplins and debriefs about dealing with this issue. 
  • Other departments have more of a 'macho' mentality and don't discuss mental health issues or thoughts of suicide. 
  • CopLine is a suicide prevention hotline you can reach out to for resources and specialize in law enforcement. All calls are confidential, and your department will not be notified. 
  • Even when people seem like they have everything together, we never know whats going on internally. Be kind and reach out subtly to someone if you feel they may need help. 
  • A mother in Texas shot a man with a headshot when he tried to steal her car with her children in the vehicle. The man crashed the car and is in critical condition. 
  • Lock your door if you leave your children in the vehicle for a minute to get gas, stay at the pump and don't go inside (so children are not unattended), do not get cash out, go to a well-lit gas station, and try to fill up during the day. 
  • When you are alone with your children, you can be a target for criminal activity. Be aware and plan. 
  • In the hot summer months, make sure you are hydrating! One gallon is recommended, but get in what you can and time it. 
  • In authentic Asian restaurants, they serve drinks a room temperature because that is the body's core temperature. 
  • A pinch of sea salt in your water, resupplies your body with the minerals you are losing out on and replenishes potassium. 
  • Flavored sparkling water can help supress sweet cravings. 
  • Cognitive function can be impaired when you are not properly hydrated. 
  • Keep an eye out for changes in your skin or moles for skin cancer prevention. Look for moles that are asymetrical, the borders are uneven or fuzzy, and the color. 
  • Sunscreen should be worn daily for skin care prevention. 
  • African-American people have melanin in their skin that protects to a certain degree but, sun block is still needed. 
  • Bob Marley died from skin cancer. 
  • Skin cancer can be fatal.

Summary of Interview with Officer Ike:

  • Ike has been on graveyard shift for 7 years straight and as of this week is switching over to a gang officer. His shifts will now be during the day time or swing shift. 
  • Most officers choose to do graveyard shift to avoid childcare for their children or be able to make their kids events. 
  • Ike loved doing graveyard shift, getting cool calls, and not having to deal with traffic. 
  • Usually during the graveyard shift it's criminals, gangsters, and officers who are out. 
  • People entering the profession, you usually go into a graveyard shift because those are the shifts available and the departments want you to gain exposure. 
  • More action, better calls for service, better for the family, and experience are benefits for graveyard shifts. 
  • Getting use to the sleep schedule is difficult in the beginning. 
  • Black out curtains, a cold room, and a white noise machine are helpful for sleep. 
  • Ike prefers a warm room for sleep. 
  • Getting more than 8 hours of sleep can make you grogy. Quality sleep is key.
  • You have to shift your mentality when you're on graveyard so you can still get in your family time, workouts, and live a normal life. 
  • Avoiding caffeine during shift can help your body to get tired as it normally would.
  • Marc found that he was more consistent with his workouts during graveyard. 
  • If you didn't meal prep, you can find healthy options at fast food restaurants by modifying your order. 
  • Always bring your lunch, snacks, and water on hand in case you get stuck on perimeter. 
  • Preping supplements or protein in a shaker can help supplement. 
  • Poor sleep, bad food choices, and not working out can come with working the graveyard if you don't change your mentality. 
  • Set yourself up for success and plan your meals. 
  • Ike tries to stay lean as possible and do functional fitness. 
  • You can't jump a fence and be ready for duty if you are a body builder.
  • Command your presence as an officer by showing you are fit. 
  • Avoid the physical illnesses that can be aquired by working in the profession by being fit. 
  • When you work in the law enforcement profession, you need to be able to take care of yourself and go home safely to your family. Being fit is a matter of life or death. 
  • There are some officers who are out of shape and can't keep up when their life is in danger. 
  • Ike lifts high rep, low weight and does at least 30 minutes of fast cardio or do intervals. 
  • Try putting gym equipment little by little in your house, so you don't have the excuse of not working out. 
  • Cutting out sugar was a huge part of Ike's weight loss. He tries to avoid it, but doesn't deprive himself. 
  • Try to cut out soda or sugary drinks, eat less processed foods, and cut down on sugar can help aid weight loss. 
  • Keto allows you to have high fats, and low carbs. 
  • Keto can help aid in health issues. 
  • Ike now has to adjust to waking up early in the day to get his workout in and then go out on shift. 
  • Ike is trying to keep himself on graveyard schedule to help his wife out with a their new baby. 

You can follow Ike on Instagram @caliikefive0

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