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Finding Your Why?


Have you lost your momentum on your New Years Resolution? Do you even remember what that promise you made to yourself was? Don't worry most people lose their resolution mojo in February and less than 40% of them feel that they have achieved their goal. 

Yes, New Year's resolutions are a mainstream way of thinking, a reason to make a change, to start over. Is it necessary? No. However, with some people, it is the little extra push that they need to get started. But what does that mean for those of us in Law Enforcement? Should we be waiting around until the last week of December to think about what changes we should make to benefit our family, job, and health? Absolutely not! We can choose to change on any given day, at any given time.

Those that have the dream of becoming a police officer, or those knowing that they will be starting the police academy soon should know that along with an enormous amount of studying there will also be a lot of physical training. Knowing that this is coming, you should start training your body at least few months out to allow your body to adapt to what will be expected and lessen your potential for injury.

Dispatchers, I know most of us, along with the majority of America has wanted to improve our way of eating, our health, and to lose weight. But how do we escape that cave that is so darkly lit with our heaters going and surrounded by things to munch on at a turn of our chairs? I went over the health reasons alone which would hopefully light a fire, but knowing the "why" is one thing, acting on it is another. Start with little things, like bringing in your meals or healthy snacks. If there are snacks already in your center that are not aligned with your eating, move them so that you're not walking past them continuously or better yet take them out of the communications center altogether. Most police departments have a gym on site. So if you are not one of the lucky the comm centers that have a treadmill in your dispatch center, well then use the gym. Its free and for the most part, it will always be empty. A usual guarantee to that is to go during patrols briefing period or just after briefing ends! I also have been known to tell my co-workers to make me go workout for the day (nothing like guilt and peer pressure sometimes) or just take a pre-workout, and when that hits you, there will be no way that you won't get into the gym!

Patrol, your number one reason should be to come home every day. Obviously, some things are out of your control. However, there are many times that a split second choice can change everything. You have a great deal of say in your health. You can be so particular about how your uniform looks, what kind of car you buy, how clean and organized your war bag is. However, none of that matters when you are fighting for your life, waiting for your suspect to slow down, or just holding on until your back can relieve you. How you respond does depend a lot on your academy and post-training. Although when everything hits the fan, your endurance and mental toughness are what will pull you through. There are those out there that live to give officers a hard time, to test you, to get a lawsuit out of you, or quite frankly to harm you. Yes, those people will always have the drop on you, but why give them any more of a reason. Let that be your motivation. Use the gym provided, even take some extra boxing or martial arts classes. Take a partner with you, or make it a team effort. The possibilities are at your finger tips, use these tools to build each other up, build up the comradery, push each other's limits to become stronger and healthier, not just as individuals but as a team!

Heres a few motivational videos to get you going!

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