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Fitness In Today's Policing

Fitness In Today's Policing

The good news

Thanks to many of the men and women who wear a shield over their heart, whether as sworn enforcers or non-sworn personnel, our law enforcement professionals are fighting back.

When I look at many of the younger officers entering the profession today, I am finding more health and fitness conscious men and women who are competitive. Many of these officers are involved in workouts or competitions, such as:

  • CrossFit workouts and competitions
  • Bootcamp style gym memberships
  • Extreme mud run and obstacle course events
  • Endurance runs and cycling events

Although we are not proposing that CrossFit is the only workout to be used by law enforcement officers, we think it's awesome that so many of America's first responders are turning to these type of workouts to keep them prepared for their jobs.

If you've been in the profession for some time, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to start learning from this younger generation, as far as fitness and nutrition are concerned. If you've read any of the recent fitness articles about workouts, I can tell you what we veterans know is the way we were taught to keep fit is pretty much wrong.

It's never been easier to be harder

You're probably trying to figure out how it's easier to be harder, right? What I mean is with today's abundance of research, testing and information, we have discovered some things such as:

  • Some workouts which are only 20 minutes in length produce greater effects than those that last an hour or more.
  • Workouts which have "real world" similarities, like obstacle courses, can help in job performance. I'm still waiting to curl or do a triceps extension type move on a suspect.
  • Nutrition can be easy, fulfilling and effective using macro-dieting concepts

I think about my days in the Army or in the police academy. Back then, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and a 2.5- mile run done for 5 days straight was considered working out. No one explained or practiced rest days, proper nutrition before and after a workout, as well as the fact that we probably wouldn't be chasing bad guys for 2.5- miles.


If ISIS can do it, shouldn't we?

Have you ever seen those videos on the evening news where they show terrorists dressed in their black sacks and head scarves, jumping in the air or crawling out of ravines, and doing incredible workouts? Now granted, many of this is propaganda footage to entice new recruits, as well as a feeble attempt at intimidating anyone who stands against them. However, we can't turn a blind eye to think that terrorists don't take measures for their own physical fitness.

Share your thoughts with us

We want to hear what you think about the fitness of today's officers. Is it up to the individual officer to stay fit, or should department's take some ownership in helping their officers stay physically prepared for today's challenges? Let us know in the comments section of this article.


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