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Go With The Resistance


Resistance Bands are one of the best workout tools to take with you anywhere. They are lightweight, do not take up much room at all and can be used everywhere! The chances are that you have already heard of them and have even possibly used one version of them. But are you consistently using them or tried all of them? These bands are so versatile and make a great addition to anyone's workout! These would be a great tool to use at any position in law enforcement. You do not need much room. They could be used in the patrol break room, the police officers locker room and even in dispatch during any downtime (fingers crossed).

 There are three types of resistance bands that I am touching on, all of which can be used for upper and lower body workouts. The resistance bands help to add an increase in strength and flexibility. Mini bands are shorter in length and thinner to the touch. These bands are great for lateral and stabilization movements. Power lifting bands are versatile, they are longer than the mini bands and have a thicker material. These bands can be doubled up within themselves and are great for adding extra resistance to movements such as squats or even the bench press by hooking it onto the Olympic bars. However, make sure to ask a trainer to make sure you are using it correctly and even have someone there to spot you to make sure your form is correct. My favorite use for them is the assisted pull-ups, since that is an area that I always struggle with. Last by not least is the resistance tubes. These tubes come in a variety of different "weights" and are great for pulling and pushing exercises.

Here are some bands that I found on Amazon, along with some workout videos. This equipment can be readily purchased at any sports store, Target, Walmart, and even some local gyms! I always suggest that you check the ratings and reviews before purchase.  My hope is that you find one that suits you and you give it a try. There are some gyms that already have them for you to use! Do not knock it until you try it. 

Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops - Set of 5, 12-inch Workout Bands

Resistance Tube bands 11 piece set. I believe this is the best set, especially if you have never tried the bands before. It has a variety of bands and grips that you could use.

The cover photo is of my dear fitness model friend Sasha at www.yourfitwithsasha.com with photo credit to Carly LaVigne.

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