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Grocery Store Survival


​This week is going to be different. This week I am going to buy only what I need! No, I am not talking about Target. I feel that is an impossible task....at least for myself....we will save that topic for another day!..Maybe! No, I am talking about our weekly grocery store runs. As far as I am concerned without fail I will always bring home at least one additional item that I did not intend on buying! I also know for a fact that if I bring home some type of cookies or chips that I will infact eat...no lets be honest I will devour those treats! So here are a few facts to help myself and you stick to your grocery store plan! 

Top 10 Ways to Stick to your Grocery Survival Plan!

  1. Make A List. It is such a basic rule that we all know, however how many of else just say, "Oh I am just going to make it a quick trip, I only need a few things." At the time you might know off of the top of your head what your target items are but either you get distracted and or forget once you get there. That's when you start adding additional items or even leave without getting what you came for! Am I right? Making a list makes it so much easier to stick to your plan! The best free app (because I am all about saving) that I have found is called "Wunderlist". My husband and I both share this list and we can both see what has been marked off! Its a gem! Trust me!
  2. Eat Before You Go. Nothing is worse than going to the grocery store when your stomach is grumbly and basically eating itself! Everything, literally is going to look amazing! You are going to succumb to your hunger pains, buy whatever it is your craving and take it home! I know I am not alone when I say I am guilty of doing this more than once! Make sure to eat a meal or a quick snack that will keep you from caving in to those wondering eyes and cravings!
  3. Don't Take The Kids. Now I know this is not always possible, or maybe it is a fun trip for the family. I get it! Sometimes we make it a little mission game to fill their kid carts! However, those precious faces are also sometimes the cause of putting items in there that we, or them for that matter do not necessarily need. We tend to go off of our plan, because well how can we tell them no, or they deserve a treat. I am not about to discuss parenting, its just what tends to happen at times. Do you realize that sneaky food industry always puts the brightest, funnest (Is that even a word?!) colored boxes right at your little ones eye level? Yes, they do that and will continue to do that because they know those kiddos are our weakness! Go in with a plan or better yet like I mentioned previously stick to the outer perimeter of the store & avoid those colorful boxes all together!
  4. Use A Basket. When you do happen to go to the grocery store and only need a few items, stick to just using a basket! There are only so many items you can shove and balance in those things! You can even get a mini workout in with those things, switch arms, do some curls or even do some calf raises while waiting in line! Win Win!
  5. Avoid The Bakery. Stores put this lovely smelling section right at the entrance of the grocery store, because who doesn't love the smell of fresh baked bread! I intentionally park on the opposite side of this area for that exact reason! Yes I am that weak and if you are anything like me this simple parking strategy might just save you from taking home some fresh baked bread or pastries!
  6. Stick To The Outside Perimeter Of The Store. This is where you will find the freshest of foods. Generally speaking there are not many snacks or foods that have a shelf life longer than the both of us combined! Ha-ha but seriously this is where should be finding the bulk of your foods anyways, veggies, fruits, proteins!
  7. Buy In Bulk. If it is cost efficient buy items in bulk that you know you will be using on a constant basis or that will last awhile such as condiments, spices & salts. Some times there are amazing deals on bulk items like meat and fruit. When it comes to fruit though check on the freshness, sometimes they put the overly ripe fruit in those bulk bags!
  8. Buy fruits On Sale. This obviously can save you some big bucks but also keep this area of your diet changed up seasonally. You can always stock up on some of these fruits and freeze them to use later in smoothies, but if you decide to buy them frozen make sure you check the labels for sodium, fat, and added sugars (watch for those sneaky sugar names)
  9. Beware Of Samples. Those samples are small and wont do much harm right? Ideally if you only had one then yes for the most part, you're in the clear. However when have you only seen one sample in the store. Most of the time there can be samples at every other isle! This can equal out to a complete meal if you are indulging at every stop.
  10. Fill Your Cart Like You Are Filling Your Plate. This is pretty simply stated right? You know what your goals are so visualize whatever it is that you are putting in your cart. Is it helping you towards the goal you set for yourself? Is a want, a need, or a craving?

Good Luck & Happy Successful Shopping!

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