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Mike Bires - Co-Founder/CTO of TeamFFD

Welcome to my blog here on Team Fit For Duty. I hope I can inspire you and keep you motivated as you travel alongside my journey of becoming healthier, and I can't wait to join you on yours!
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We've Found A Great Way To Keep You Accountable

We've Found A Great Way To Keep You Accountable

Recently, we discovered an app we're going to test with a few of our members here on TeamFFD. It's called the GroupMe app, which is available for download on iPhones and Android devices, and also works on Mac and Windows computers as well. 

Keeping each other accountable and having access to the TeamFFD staff are great features we offer. Just as we've learned in law enforcement, the fire service and the military, team work is the key to success. By working together, each member's success probability is amplified and goals can and will be reached easier.

With the GroupMe app, we're hoping it will help us prove this theory.

How It Works

After TeamFFD finds members who have similar goals and characteristics, we'll create a group consisting of a small amount of members monitored by a staff member. Group members will then get an email asking them to join the group. They'll be directed to a page where they can download the app on their phone, or create an account via their computer. Once the account is created, the group member is good to go!

Your Cell Number

By adding your cell phone number to the account information page or during the sign up, you'll receive text alerts when new messages are posted into the group. Don't worry though. No one can see your phone number, even if you reply to a message. This is because when you reply, you're actually replying through a number GroupMe has created for the group. Your name will be placed in front of any messages you send, so other group members know who is commenting.


We've all been added to mass text message groups that just do not seem to end, right? I like to call this "Group Messaging Hell," or GMH. By keeping the groups small with a specific purpose, we avoid the pitfalls of GMH.

Photos, Videos, Recipes, Workouts...

You can use the app to share workout videos or photos, new recipes or even what you're about to eat. Share when you're feeling defeated or when you're on a high. Encourage your group to keep on course and stay on point with where you all want to go, simply through posts on the app.

The Testing Phase

I'm teaming up with a new member here on TeamFFD to try out this app. We'll officially start on Monday, July 18th. We'll see how this works and if it actually a good thing for TeamFFD. 

We'll let you know how it works out after a week or two!


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