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Holiday Cheers!


​With the winter holidays rapidly approaching so are the busy weekends ahead full of family get-togethers, work parties, and those awful ugly sweater parties to go to! Our schedules will be overflowing! Speaking of overflowing, I know that there will be drinks o' plenty surrounding us wherever we go, and why not? We are in the season of celebrating right? But then here comes that forever in our minds question of what can I drink without totally derailing myself from my health journey?!

The American Heart Association recommends that males should limit themselves to two drinks a day and females should only have one. So what exactly is considered one drink? One drink is defined as 4 oz of wine, 12 oz of beer, and 1.5 oz of 80 proof spirits. Here are some quick facts to get you through those holiday parties!

​Keep in mind when trying any of these drinks that the caloric intake can change depending on what you add or remove. Also, I really don't know to many people that can limit themselves to one drink in a social environment, so make sure to pace yourself! As always moderation is key here!! If you need some more tips on how to survive the holiday munchies and overeating check out my previous blog post! I know those parties are coming at any moment, so I put some low calorie drinks that are the easiest to order at any bar or party! Enjoy! 

Top 10 "Clean" Bar Drinks 

    1. Jack & Coke                      Jack + Diet Coke                                                            100 cal   0 carbs
    2. Cuba Libre                         Unflavored Rum + Diet drink + Twist of Lime             100 cal   0 carbs
    3. Gin & Tonic                         Gin + Soda Water + Lime or Lemon                            150 cal    1 carb
    4. Bitter Mojito                        Rum + MInt + Lime + Soda Water                                 107 cal    4 carbs
    5. Vodka Mix .                         Vodka + Soda Water + Lime                                          96 cal     0 carbs
    6. Tequila & Soda                   Tequila + Soda Water + Lime                                       120 cal    17 carbs
    7. Corona Light                                                                                                             99 cal     5 carbs
    8. Heineken Light                                                                                                         99 cal      6.8 carbs
    9. Budweiser Select                                                                                                     55 cal      1.8 carbs
    10. Miller Lite                                                                                                                   96 cal      3.2 carbs
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