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Infused Water


 Water. Natures elixir. We are constantly told to drink more water, at least 8 glasses a day and to strive for at least a gallon. Our bodies run off of water and it is needed to prevent dehydration. We are well aware of the many benefits that water provides, however, we always seem to come up with an excuse as to why we don't drink enough. Some of the excuses I have heard are, "I don't have the time, I cannot drink that much, I don't have the convenience of using the restroom whenever I want," and "I just do not like the taste of it."

 I get it. I understand that in law enforcement, police officers and dispatchers cannot always use the bathroom when nature is pounding on our door. I can't solve all of our water problems but I can suggest some tips to help add a little something to your drink to make you forget about that boring water taste and all the excuses that come with that.

 I needed a change from plain old bottled water, which we all know that all bottled waters do not taste the same and if its room temperature?! Forget it! I've always added lemon to my water or BCAAs (especially on my workout days) but since this last year, I have been all over those foo-foo infused waters. I know it may seem like just one of those passing fads but don't knock it till you try it! It only takes 5 minutes, if that, to make and you can continue to refill the pitcher or water bottle a few times until the fruit loses its flavor! My current favorite is strawberries, cucumber, mint, and lime! Just a quick tip before I share some of my other favorites. While slicing up the fruit try to keep it on the thinner side to get those juices flowing quicker! Comment below and let me know what flavors you've tried and which are your favorites! I promise these infused waters will get you to your water goals in no time and all the meanwhile keeping you cool, healthy, and hydrated! Cheers! 

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