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Maintain Don't Gain


It is that time of year again, when the hustle and bustle begins. The seasons are changing. We are on the go now more than ever. We gather around one table after another surrounded with loved ones and enjoying one delicious course after another. Then before we know it, we've gained weight, again. It's that age old problem of feeling guilty each year after year about our holiday weight gain. This year we can give ourselves a different outcome. This year we can change the way we eat our meals, still enjoy the holiday and avoid the weight gain. Here are 10 quick tips:

 1. Workout.
Get up and get moving the day of Thanksgiving. Add a extra 5-10min to your cardio or HIIT workout. If you have an early Thanksgiving lunch or dinner talk a walk after your meal.

2. Don't starve yourself.

No I am not saying to eat as much as your eyes can take in during thanksgiving. I am saying that you need to eat as you normally would throughout the day. Do not skip your meals. Drink your water. Eating throughout the day will actually save you from going overboard. Starving yourself will only cause you to overeat, leading you to that holiday weight gain we are oh so familiar with.

3. Grab a smaller plate.
This simply and easy trick will help you with portion control.

4. Section your plate.
Divide your plate into three sections. Place your vegetables on half of the plate. The other half of the plate section half for meat and the other half for your carbs. Approximately 1/2 cup or so. Eat your soups and salads first. The fiber in your vegetables will help give you that "full" feeling. Also put your silverware down in between bites to help from overeating.

5. Don't let the eyes have it. 
Don't let your eyes be bigger than your stomach. Listen to your body. We are not living in that era of finish eating everything off of your plate before you leave the dinner table. Eat only until you are full. Don't let your eyes guide you. 

6. Bring the healthy plate.
Year after year we know what to expect at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. This year if you know you are going to a house where there isn't the healthiest of options, then volunteer to bring some yourself. You don't have to exactly put it that way, or even tell your family or friends you're bringing a clean version. You might just surprise yourself and your family to see how much everyone enjoyed it.

7. No snacking.
Steer clear of the snack area (Danger Zone!!). Move yourself or the bowl(s) away from you. If you don't move away, your arm will take on a life of its own and you will become a mindless muncher of wasted calories! Guaranteed! 

8. Give Away Food. 
Along with all the food prep leading up until Thanksgiving, buy some tuperware or take home boxes. Be sure to give each family some food once the night is over. Pack it up and send it off. This will insure that everyone has some Thanksgiving leftovers to enjoy the day after, food is not wasted, and you get to save yourself from over eating the next few days! Its a win win for everyone.

9. Be Realistic.
Unless you are in competition prep, you really don't need to count every calorie. You do not need to obsess over what you are putting into your mouth. Life is about balance and this dinner is here to celebrate with family and give thanks for all the blessings that we are surrounded with. There is no need to develop a bad relationship with food. Instead of looking at food with "diet eyes" look at the bigger picture and just strive to maintain your weight. If you avoid weight gain over the holidays you are already ahead of the masses! 

10. Set the scale back.
If you are going to just pass on my quick tips or any other that has been suggested to you & just dive head first into your meal, then just set the scale back a few pounds for a few days! Why not? Seeing is believing right? I am completely kidding, but I thought I'd throw this one in there to see if you were paying attention!

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