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Drop The Phone, The Excuses And Give An Hour To The Gym


There are so many reasons that are made up as to why we can not work out. We constantly give reasons and excuses time and time again until we are blue in the face. What it boils down to is that you need some motivation, some determination, or a reason to get you butt in gear and do some work for an hour. So lets take away some of those excuses and give you some reasons to keep you motivated!

First and foremost we all can agree that we are in the age of technology and as much as it can be a blessing it is also a curse. Stop and take a look around..How many people do you see on thier phones right now? Even if they are in a group setting, people are still on their phones. Did you know that on average people check their phones around 150 times per day, averaging being on their phones about 3 hours a day which equates to about 86 hours (give or take) a month?! GET OFF YOUR PHONE PEOPLE! Seriously how many of those hours spent are you gaining knowledge benefiting your health? Most of that time includes scrolling! Am I right? All excersize is asking from you is an hour out of your day, which will benefit your health and wellness! Thats it! 1 hour! I am asking for only 16 hours a month (using a 4 day workout week). Don't worry though, after your workouts that will still leave you with 70 hours of cellphone scrolling time! Please don't use your cellphone scrolling hours at the gym! Think you are one of the addicted? Here is one of the many free apps that can monitor how really addicted you are, it is called "Moment". You can thank me later.

Sorry for the rant. Back to the subject at hand.  Are you the type of person who wants to go to the gym but doesn't know where to start? As you first enter a gym you hear the sounds of a man grunting and weights being slammed around, then you look around to see exactly how hard this person is working to sound like they are giving their final battle cry before death & you notice that there are machines upon machines and free weights scattered all about. Where the heck do you start, but more importantly how do you steer clear of the gladiator in the corner! Here are a few ideas depending on your personality, how to get you in the gym, know what you are doing, and how to be held accountable!

All I need is me, but I need direction:

Going to the gym yourself is great, you can go whenever you are able, for however long, and work on whatever body type you need to. Throw those headphones on, get focused, and get lost in yourself. The downside can be that you give up before you get started, don't know what to work out on, or what those machines are for exactly. Since we did agree that we are in the age of technology, you can find a workout online for free before you go, look it over, print it out and your good! Heres a little fact, did you know that most machines have a scan code on the side that will show you how to use it? You can always just google each machine as you go too! However, if you want a more detailed workout to be customized to suit your goals, look into hiring a trainer. OR...look not further than here at Team Fit For duty we specialize in Law Enforcements needs. Agility, strength, and endurance, from starting off in the police academy all the way through your police officer career! Sorry for the plug, but you get the point right? We are here to help you stay fit for life. To build a healthy lifestyle for you.

I need someone to hold me accountable:

​If you are not willing to invest in a trainer, bring a friend along with you. There are benefits to bringing a friend! First and foremost they are there to hold you accountable and for you to hold them accountable. You are there to push each other when the other is feeling like giving up. You don't want to flake on your friend right? It is great to have someone there to help watch your form, to spot you on those heavy lifts, or just to keep track of your reps. The downside? Keep the chatter to a minimum. Remember you want to keep your heart rate up, the longer the chat breaks are your heart rate will come down to a resting state.

​I need a group environment:

​Group workouts were how I got started in the gym. The group workouts not only showed me different ways to use the weights but also proper form. I also have a bit of stubborn pride (shocking for a dispatcher right?) and I sometimes was surrounded by older individuals. I had that competitive mode in my head that I would not give up or lift less weight than them! I wasn't doing that to be a jerk, it was just that I felt I didn't feel I had a legit reason to not continue going, to push through. That was my motivation. I can only hope that I am like those elders when I reach that age and I am showing up the younger generation! There are also group classes through jujitsu, boxing, crossfit, you name it. Some are more of a family atmosphere than others. I've found that no matter what type of group class I have taken EVERYONE has been warm, welcoming, and willing to assist you in anyway they can. What is great is that they have multiple classes throughout the day and the week. The down side can be that they can put a dent in your wallet, but then that can also be your motivator for getting your butt in there and not flaking! Who wants to give their money away for free? However, if you are one of those individuals, feel free to write me a check! 

Now that I have called you out for your cellphone use, put that sucker down, find a gym, friend, group class, or all three and give an hour to your health! 

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