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Pantry Purging & The Switch Witch


If your wondering where to start on your weight loss journey or health kick, look no further than your kitchen! I am sure that your pantry is cluttered, unorganized and full of items with an indefinite shelf life ready for your snacking pleasure. If this isn't bad enough the holidays are upon us and soon we will be restocking with sweets and being sent home with even more from parties or from work. 

I am going to get you started on your pantry purge! Lets make way for a successful holiday season, where we can enjoy our holiday favorites but avoid the over indulgences! Here are 3 quick tips to get you started!

​1. Sort

Pull everything out of the pantry and sort whatever it is you have stored away in there into groups, such as spices, grains, breakfast, canned items etc.

2. Purge baby purge!

I know this will be the difficult part but throw the junk out along with whatever else has been hidden for years out of sight that has been expired! I know this will be difficult for some, and when I say get rid of it, I don't mean bake it and eat it! (Nice try though!) Bring that trashcan in close so you don't even have time to think about it! OR if tossing a non-expired item is really killing you, then put it aside to be donated.

3. Organize Methodically

Once you have gutted through the expired, needed, and not needed items, start visualizing how often you will be using what food is left. The more frequent items put towards the front and at eye level on the shelves. (You tend to always grab the snacks you see at eye level! This is actually a grocery store trick!)  I choose to put all the "healthy" adult food right at my eye level, the top levels is where I choose to put my spices, vitamins, and supplements. The bottom levels contain the breakfast and snack foods for the kids. Luckily my kids are old enough to grab what they need, now I don't have to get it for them and hold that tasty morsel in my hand! 

 Now on to Switch Witch! So what the heck is this thing right? Well thanks to that lovely site Pinterest that has flooded ideas into our houses, I found this idea a few years back and it works like a gem! If you're anything like me, I will gorge myself on any chocolate sweets that enter my house, and so will 2 out of my 3 kids! 

This is basically a twist on the tooth fairy/elf on the shelf (if you want to take it that far!) After Halloween I tell my kids to grab 10-15 pieces of candy and the rest we will give to the switch witch. We "leave" that bag of candy on our door step, and she flys on over once the kids are sleeping, takes the candy, and leaves a gift in return. My kids absolutely love it and it has become a welcomed tradition! No more temptation! 

Once the candy is gone you can donate it to our amazing troops directly through Operation Gratitude

​ You can also take it to participating dentist offices, through a program called the Halloween Candy Buyback, they will exchange the candy for cash, dental products, etc. 


Halloween Candy Buy Back

Enter your zip code to find the nearest participant!

 It is a win win for everyone! Consider our Pantry purged, candy cleaned out, happy kids, clean teeth, and our troops supported!

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