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Smart Snacking On The Go


  Long car rides, waiting at the airport, even a trip to the movies usually calls for some typeof food to snack on. It's not that we are even hungry but most of the time, we are bored and just want something, well, to munch on. If we are not prepared for whatever adventure ahead though we reach for the nearest treat. Then before we've even realized what we have done we have eaten the whole bag, jar, box etc... You get the point right? So here are some quick tips to deter you from snacking and some snacks that I throw in my purse, six pack bag, suitcase, and husbands murse (Man Purse) Ha-ha!

The first thing I tell myself and my clients are very simple.

Remind yourself what your goal is and ask yourself is this snacking feeling a want, because you are bored or a need because you are actually hungry? On a side note,  it is great to pay attention to what your body is really saying. If the feeling is just a want and you're not really hungry than it is not aligned with your goals. Choose a healthy option…if you choose to skip the healthy option then you really weren't hungry than anyways right? Problem solved there. If you are actually hungry well then go grab yourself a meal. We are eating for fuel right so skip the snack that is just going to make you hungry again in 20 or so minutes!

Try drinking a cup of water. Not only will this help you on your daily water intake but it will also fill you up, so if you are in between meals this could be a life saver!

 Whenever I am craving something sweet and neither of the two suggestions seems to be working I will always turn to some type of sugar-free gum! I swear I should take stock in these things! I always have at least 5 different types of flavors and more times than not this will always do the trick!

So on to the snacks!

I always try to pick the snacks that can last awhile and not melt!

  • Ready to Eat Tuna packets. I know, I know its tuna, but it's a great protein meal! You can eat it straight out of the packet or wherever you are at you could throw in some mustard, relish, or even some mayo (just watch how much if you're keeping track of your fat intake).
  • Pirate Booty Aged White Cheddar. Ok so this isn't the healthiest most natural snack but it is easy to throw in your bag. I usually carry this around for my kids, they absolutely love it and if I feel like stealing a bag I won't feel guilty with only 5g of fat, 20g of carbs, 0 sugar, and 2g of protein.
  • Vermont Mini Meat Sticks, Beef & Pork. These little guys are great! I discovered them recently at Costco! 2 sticks count as 1 serving! They are 6g of fat, 6g of protein, 0 sugars and carbs. These little treats are also antibiotic free, gluten free and no artificial preservatives! I love them and 2 out of my three girls approve.
  • The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas Cracked Pepper. I feel like these little guys are sometimes overlooked and we usually opt for nuts. Which are a great source of good fats. However, if you are looking to change things up try out these little beans!They are low in calories, high in fiber and protein! This is perfect munching material!
  • Fruit. Always a good fallback! Natures candy! I always have an apple or mandarin orange readily available! If you don't have one in your bag, there is always some fast food joint or convenient store around the corner! 

 If you have any favorite go to snacks, please share below! I love trying new things! Until then happy snacking!

Stay Safe. Stay Humble!

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