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Snack Attack


 If you are anything like me you wake up refreshed, jumping out of the bed and ready to start the day! Ok who am I kidding, I am more so rolling out of bed dragging myself over to the bathroom, forcing myself to get ready! HaHa! BUT I do start the day with the upmost desire to start of right and get all of my tasks done that I have planned. My day begins with taking the kids to school (no breakfast, I am currently attempting that whole fasting fad thing) off to the gym, and then run an errand or two. 

This time of year an errand or two gets out of control with trying to remember all of the Christmas shopping I still have to do! This eventually runs past my eating hour, I would be starving, and if I dont have the proper snacks stashed in my purse, I would be grabbing whatever fast food or quick snack bag that was nearest to me....if I am being honest it would probably be my kids fruit snacks or thier goldfish!

When I am on my "A" game I make sure that I throw in a few healthy snacks in my purse, workout bag, & my six pack bag (if I am going to work). This makes running around so much easier especially if something happens that throws off our daily plan! This simple trick would also be effective for police officers out on patrol (throw some in your war bag or depending on expiration in your locker) , training classes, or even if you are stuck in traffic. Anywhere, any time of day, if you have a few snacks with you ready to go you would be set! Here are just a few suggestions for while you are out on the go & always, always take some water with you!

    Other options can also be:

  • Pre-made Protein Packs
  • Tuna Packs (watch the sodium level)
  • Beef Jerkey (Watch the sodium level)
  • Protein Bars (My favorite brands are One Kind Bars, Quest Bars, Power Crunch Bars)
  • Protein Powder
  • Sweet Peppers
Heres Some additional snacks with the recipes:
  • Popcorn: In a pot (with a lid or your going to have a nightmare on your hands) put in 1/2-1 Tblspn of coconut oil. When its melted throw in 3-4 kernels. Once those pop throw in 1/4-1/2 cup of the popcorn kernels. Once they are all popped throw some sea salt on top. Mix and enjoy!
  • Deli Roll Ups: Deli Meat (the fresher or those with low sodium), cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Throw a few in a sandwich bag, take on the go!
  • Roasted Chickpeas
  • Kale chips

​Now snack away & enjoy your healthy on the go treats!

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