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The Gym: Don't Be A Dumbell


 The Dreaded Gym! Is the gym a no go for you? Every year at this time the gym gets overly uncomfortably crowded it seems no matter what time or day of the week you go. Benches are taken, its a cardio race just to find some weights, and classes are packed. January is the time of year that new people who have never been to the gym start, and all you see on social media is horrible memes making fun of new comers made by ignorant jerks! Trust me these types of morons are few and far between! Ignore the negativity and delete any type of this crap on social media! No one needs to see these keyboard trolls! The majority of constant gym goers understand where you are starting at, we've been there. We've all started at the bottom not knowing what the hell half of those darn machines are for! January is a perfect time to start? Why? Because you are surrounded by other beginners just like you! Change the way you view going to the gym! You are not alone! When I first started there wasn't one day that I didn't stop and google or ask someone about each and every single exercise in my workout! Here are some of my personal do and do nots!DO: Try out different gyms before you commit! Each gym has a different atmosphere, classes, equipment, and other options. I drive 30 minutes to and from my gym because I am comfortable there and I like the respectful crowd there.

  • DO: Ask for help or suggestions, believe it or not there are people in the gym willing to help guide you. If you don't feel comfortable with that ask one of the trainers or staff running around. If that still doesn't do it for you, you can scan the bar codes on the equipment and it will show you what to do or do what I did and google google google! I usually always landed on a bodybuilding.com video! 
  • DO: Take water with you! One I find that I will drink more water if I bring it with me, (not only do I hate having to pause my workout to stand in line for fountain water...but the fountain water has a weird (gag) taste to it! 
  • DO: Take a class! There is no better way to start than to take a group class! Its how I started! It is also cheaper than a trainer! Different classes are offered throughout the week at different times! My favorite were always the weights and step classes! Both will give you a good idea of what weight to start off with and how to use them! Plus you will be surrounded by people of all ages, and sizes!
  • DO: Drag your fellow friend, coach potato compadre, or that husband thats always complaining about how he continues to drop weight with every sneeze he puts out (no I'm not talking about my husband...whatever gave you that idea! haha) But seriously there is something about having a workout partner and holding each other accountable!
  • DO: Take take your headphones & a playlist with you, wether its some killer music, or motivational speaking to get you in the zone!

Now for some No Go's at the gym!

  • Do Not: Leave your weights, Re-rack them! and no this doesn't mean leave them underneath the rack bars! Leave your work area cleaner than when you got there!
  • Do Not: Leave your sweat behind! I get it you sweat, we all are sweaty bettys at some time, some more than others its natural. Even if the pool left behind is the size of a small lake! Clean it up! No one wants to lay in someone else's sweat pool. Most gyms have cleansers and towels available to wipe equipment down! If not Bring your own towel! 
  • Do Not: Take pictures of others at the gym, no matter how crazy or tempting it gets, its just rude and you wouldn't want someone doing it to you! 
  • Do Not: Take up a bench, space, weights while your talking on the phone. Step aside or go outside. Be courteous.
  • Do Not: Talk while you have your headphones in. Why? Remember as a kid while you had your Walkmans on (oh yes I went there) and your mother yelled at you for yelling at her while you were answering her with your headphones on!? Yes your voice is now at a 20 octave and everyone can now hear you! 

Obviously these are just some personal pointers, everyone has their own pet peeves. When it boils down to it. Treat others as you would want to be treated, be respectful! Easy peasy! Heres a fun little over exaggerated video just for a laugh! 

"Good Gym Manners" with Gypsie Adcox
"Cakes and Cantaloupes" with Evangelina Galindo