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At Least I Woke Up This Morning

At Least I Woke Up This Morning

Day one of a gunfighter's journey towards saving his own life has started. Fattening food, excessive alcohol, hours spent sitting instead of walking or simply moving, and the stress of everyday life is over. I think....

I've been down this road before. In fact, it was just March that Tamrin was motivating me as I started on the track of getting back into shape. I had made a commitment to lose the fat, make better eating choices and start some form of exercise. Unfortunately, I fell off the track, just like many of you may have done before.

Funny how the tech guy for a law enforcement fitness company is a slug! But then again, how many cops are in law enforcement and are slugs as well, right? Maybe today, July 5th, will be a new starting point. At least I woke up this morning and didn't die from a heart attack last night.

We're the cops, we should be the example

Whether you're a police officer, dispatcher or a civilian employee, you're under constant scrutiny. For example, think about how our society has treated women in the media. If you are a female who is slim, attractive and wears the right clothing, you will get instant attention. We've extended this attitude to all forms of our lives. From kids being bullied in school because of their weight or their appearance, to adults not getting jobs because they didn't show enough "leg."

The police academy I attended was considered a high-stress academy. From day one to graduation day, the tactical officers yelled at us, quizzed us, and pushed us further and further. There was no room for error or mistakes. Your responses were to be perfect. Your leather gear perfect. Your recitation of laws perfect. Your appearance perfect....

When we stand in line at our favorite coffee shop, we are under that constant scrutiny. People want to see a police officer who is in good physical condition, "lean-and-mean" with a uniform that's polished. Like it or not, that's what people want to see. After all, they expect the person answering their call for help to be in better shape than themselves.

I know better and so do you

In 1993, I was 165 pounds in the academy wearing a size 30 pair of uniform pants. Today, I am 230 pounds wearing a 44 pant. What the hell am I doing to myself? Plain and simple, WTF? My resume when it comes to fitness related topics includes:

  • Started working out at 15 as a police explorer
  • Did two-a-day workouts during my 4 years in the Army
  • Attended one of the top law enforcement academies in the country with an emphasis on grueling PT
  • Was on a SWAT team
  • Instructed explorers on physical fitness and related topics
  • Set a personal best when I trained for a year and was at 186 pounds and about 8% body fat
  • Became a certified nutrition and fitness trainer

How many of you have been in incredible shape in your life, only to fall victim of the pitfalls of the law enforcement profession, or to succumb to the realities of married life and parent hood?

The above quote was shared with me by Team Fit For Duty's Dispatcher Michelle on our private Facebook Group. If you're not a member yet, head over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeamFFD and request access. Once we confirm you're a registered member, we'll grant you access!

A step in the right direction

So when I opened my eyes this morning and looked up at the ceiling, I felt like crap. My breathing was shallow and I felt exhausted. Probably because I snored all night because of my weight gain. I also knew today was going to be the same as yesterday in the fact I was going to feel sluggish, lethargic and moody all day. I quickly thought about a text I received from Tamrin and Dispatcher Michelle the previous day in which they said they were contemplating doing an intervention on me to get me back to taking care of myself. I changed my thought and said today will be different.

I found my bluetooth headphones and my FitBit and saw the batteries were dead. This would be a great excuse to pass on a morning walk. Because I knew the excuse was there, I ignored it and simply left the house and went walking. I didn't start my favorite walking app or involve any technology. I just needed to get walking.

I went for a 40 minute walk. I was pathetically sweating. The muscles right above my ankles were tight and causing pain. My lower back was killing me. I cussed myself out because my son looks up to me as his hero police officer dad, yet I'm definitely not in super-hero shape. 

As I sit here four hours after my walk, I'm drinking from my one gallon jug of water. Sure, the kitchen is right behind me, but there's something about drinking from the jug that makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Maybe seeing the water go down makes me know I'm doing something right? 

I'm feeling great already, even though I have a long way to go. 

Can you help me?

I know we have members who are in all different stages of fitness. If you can relate to the little bit I have shared in this article, leave a comment on this article. I want to hear from you and want to know your story. That's why we're here, right? If you have my back, I've got yours!

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