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"Marc's Gonna Lose It" with Tamrin Olden and Mike Bires


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Marc bailed out again! Not to worry, Tamrin and Mike have got things covered! These two are going over a range of topics from the 12 people being held captive by their parents, the 'Run for Russ 5k Memorial', Trump signing a mental health bill for law enforcement, and tons more.

Tamrin joined her New Years challenge group clients with Team Fit For Duty and is telling us what is helping her curb those sweet tooth cravings.

Mike goes in depth on how he has learned to avoid and heal his shin splints when running.

With the flu coming at us full force this year, even ending fatalities in "healthy people", we found out what the most contagious places where the flu is being contracted. You'll be shocked!

Dispatcher and Trainer Kristen is guiding us through the isle's of the grocery store and helping us not get side tracked in "Grocery Store Survival". 

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Tamrin and Mike:

  • Tamrin suggests chewing gum or drink flavored water to curb your sweet tooth.
  • Her go to is sugar-free Swedish Fish Trident layers gum and Stater Bros. sparkling flavored water in strawberry watermelon flavor.
  • When doing business with a company, be sure that they are seeing turnaround.
  • Ten8 Apparel is a great company with consistent new t-shirts and designs.
  • Check out business coach Autumn Clifford @ladysheep dog on Instagram. She runs has a law enforcement background with an honest, straightforward coaching approach.
  • Jared Dylan McClure reached out to us, and said that Team Fit For Duty and The BOLO Podcast have helped him reach his goal of going to the police academy.
  • The Russ Miller Memorial Run is a 5k in Chino, CA in tribute to the fallen officer. The money goes towards funding scholarships and grants to help out youth who can't afford to do sports and recreational activities in the community.
  • Be aware of social media pyramid schemes.
  • 12 children between the ages of 2-29 years old in Perris, CA were rescued from their parents who held them shackled in the basement after their 17 year old escaped and stole a mobile phone from the home.
  • The likely hood of the older siblings being able to live a "normal life" is slim.
  • People are robbing people and business with fake guns. Be aware that law enforcement does not have fake weapons.
  • Top places the flu is contracted:
  1. Salt and Pepper shakers
  2. Gym
  3. Soap dispensers
  4. Communal coffee pots
  5. Water dispensers
  • Deputies arrested after they paid guys off while they moved a shipment of 40 lbs of cocaine and 12 lbs of meth from Pasadena to Las Vegas.
  • Trump signed a mental health bill for officers, offering to grant funding for mental health assistance and peer support groups.
  • 9-1-1 on FOX shows different circumstances, trials, and tribulations that first responders deal with.
  • Juicy is still in Northern California at the academy, doing well, and living his hard working millenial life. He's doing makeshift CrossFit workouts at the park, bodyweight exercises, and jump rope.
  • @lapdfiver is having issues with shin splints from running.
  • If you are getting shin splints look into the pose method of running. You need to be running on the forefront of your feet, but not on your toes. Don't be heavy footed.
  • Mike took the cushion out of his shoes and runs flat.
  • After running follow RCE: Rest, Compression, Elevation.
  • Ice Pack Socks for runners are helpful.
  • Voodoo floss from Rogue Fitness and wrap your calf extremely tight and do squats or light exercise. It allows fresh blood to go to the damaged tissue and offers relief to the shin.
  • Baker to Vegas is a relay race for law enforcement and is coming up soon.
  • For Mike running is what helps him drop weight quickly.
  • @narciesousa owner of Cable CrossFit started listening to the show and appreciates targeting law enforcement and educating our listeners.
  • @jj.jameson Officer Kyle Cherry out of Ontario, Canada reached out to Team Fit For Duty and claimed that they are also dealing with backlash of society and officers are becoming afraid to use force. They are frustrated with liberal laws in favor of criminals.

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Nutrition/Fitness Tip - "Grocery Store Survival"

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Grocery Store Survival - Police fitness and nutrition, police dispatcher fitness

​This week is going to be different. This week I am going to buy only what I need! No, I am not talking about Target. I feel that is an impossible task....at least fo

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