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"Hanging With @911Strong" with Aram Choe


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, the crew is talking with @911Strong himself, Aram Choe! Aram is a police officer in Southern California for the past 18 years, husband, father of four, and is also a professor at a local university, teaching public relations, journalism, and communications. Not only is he making us laugh with his Instagram videos, but he is sharing his passion for the community and spreading positivity through social media.

If you are 'Taking On Running' or are interested in how to build your stamina and endurance, Trainer Kristen with Team Fit For Duty is helping us go the distance in this week's tip.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Aram Choe and The BOLO Crew:
  • Aram learned some of the technical sides of social media from Mike and Marc. 
  • The shooting that occurred on Valentine's Day in Florida left 17 students and faculty dead. 
  • Tamrin's department sold out a 200 people active shooter training with 50 on a waiting list. 
  • America is averaging seven shootings per month. 
  • Recent school shootings have been executed with an AR-15. People, students, and parents are pressuring the government to have this assault rifle taken off of the market. 
  • To attain the privilege of holding a gun an extensive background check, letters of recommendation and continual training should be mandatory. 
  • Aram first held his first firearm when he went to the police academy at 22 years of age. He felt a responsibility to handle the gun with respect and not show it off. 
  • Aram believes that just as there is a requirement to renew your driver's license, you should have to do the same for a gun license. 
  • There is a difference between child abuse and discipline. 
  • There has to be a fear of consequence when teaching your children to be respectful and teaching your children coping skills by being supportive and talking to your kids.
  • Foster positive parenting where your children have open communication with you and will share when they are experiencing something negative or positive. 
  • @prisonbreaktattoos helped an Officer take her son to Disneyland. 
  • Created by two female officers @redwhiteandblueline makes blueline activewear tank tops with a great fit. 
  • Lulu Lemon makes a 'package collector' for men working out. 
  • Aram went to CalBaptist with a major in public relations. He had a bachelors degree in criminal justice. 
  • He realized how powerful of a platform social media was and decided he wanted to be a part of it even though it was foreign to him. 
  • Aram surrounds himself with like-minded people but doesn't expect for everyone to be agreeable. 
  • It is refreshing to have the opposing opinion to open your eyes to another view of the same situation. 
  • Be aware that you are expressing yourself thoroughly when conveying your side and have an open dialect. 
  • The initial concept of social media was to open up dialect and connect people. 
  • FaceBook has a platform where people blast their opinions, and it often becomes argumentative. 
  • Aram grew up as a Korean Presbyterian and became a nondenominational Christian in his adult life because they preached the relationship aspect, not the religion. 
  • At 18, Aram was hustling vending machines and has always had an entrepreneurial mind. 
  • When in the academy he was wondering why they had to pay $100 for a war bag; he realized that he could make them for cheap. 
  • When Aram and his wife decided to have kids, they decided he would work for a local agency that had great benefits and pay. 
  • Aram gives great credit to his wife for keeping him focused and relaxed. 
  • Being an only child, he liked that when he would post a funny video on social media, he would get the positive reaction from his following. 
  • 9 out of 10 comments will be positive, and the one will be negative. 
  • Law Enforcement officers are exposed to the drama on both sides of the situation. Aram didn't want to be a part of the negative and drama. 
  • Aram finds the best anecdote for the tragedy is making people laugh. 
  • FaceBook allows you to block feeds, so you do not see particular content. 
  • Current events 'stop the scroll' when Aram is thumbing through social media. 
  • When building your social media following, focus on quality over quantity and people that engage with your page. 
  • You have to know social media if you want your kids to handle it appropriately and respectfully. 
  • Use social media with good judgment to avoid adverse reaction that may affect your work.

You can follow Aram Choe on Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, and FaceBook @911Strong


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