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"On The Runway" with Sammy Sep


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we are speaking with NYC Hot Cop, runway model, stereotype breaker, and Leo Civvies elite athlete; Sammy Sep. She is joining us with the owner of LeoCivvies, Luis and their corporate manager Jeanette Peralta. We find out how they teamed up and the mission they have for bringing enlightenment and positivity to law enforcement, military, and the surrounding community.

The BOLO Crew discusses the controversies surrounding the Parkland, Florida shooting. Bringing conflicting opinions from law enforcement leaders on whether or not teachers should be carrying firearms on school campus'.

Dispatcher and Trainer, Kristen is informing us about the benefits of "Rolling It Out" and how foam rolling can aid your recovery process in this week's fitness tip with Team Fit For Duty.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Sammy Sepulveda and LeoCivvies:

  • After being consistent with his diet, Mike had a cheat weekend that ended in a stomach disaster. Maybe after this, he learned his lesson to stay away from greasy junk food. 
  • The founder of LeoCivvies is a combat veteran, and the company backs law enforcement and military. 
  • Their proceeds go back directly to the community. 
  • Mike has found that leaders in law enforcement have been projecting opinions publicly on whether or not teachers should be armed. 
  • A receptionist at Tamrin's son's school made an accurate, in-depth description of a man who was on school property. She decided not to broadcast to the staff using a walkie-talkie in case someone was listening on the channel and compromise someone's safety. The trespasser was arrested. 
  • There are some teacher's who are willing to carry firearms on campus. 
  • School administrator's need to manage their staff and make sure that they are well informed on what to do in the event that there is someone on campus. 
  • The number of armed robberies and assault are at a high. 
  • The first deputy, who was a school resource officer, arrived at the Florida shooting and did not go into the school when he heard the AR-15. 
  • The sheriff from the department that the deputy was from stated that the officer didn't do what he was trained to do and failed to act accordingly. He was on site the duration of the entire event. 
  • The Parkland, Florida department has been transparent with the actions of the officer. 
  • A listener in British Columbia, who was infuriated about safe injection sites, realized that they are a way to reduce the risk of infection from the users. People are leaving their dirty needles in parks and around cities and are going to use either way. 
  • Jeanette Peralta is a corporate manager for Leo Civvies. 
  • Luis is the owner of Leo Civvies. 
  • Samantha Sepulveda is a New York City police officer for eight years, a runway model, and known as "NYC Hot Cop." 
  • After three years as a police officer, she was approached to do a modeling show, and her career as a model took off. 
  • She didn't have a stick figure body type, and he curvier shape was what the designer was looking for. 
  • Luis was in search of the all empowering woman, who didn't conform to social standards, that shows strength and support of others. 
  • When he came in contact with Sammy, he knew that she embodied the strength women. 
  • LeoCivvies strives to bring positivity and enlightenment to the perception of law enforcement. This mission purpose falls in correlation with Sammy's. 
  • Sammy has had a lot of company's approach her to be a representative, but never felt comfortable committing to them. With Luis and Leo Civvies, she immediately felt like it was a match. 
  • She received a humanitarian award for her runway work in the Latino community. 
  • Sammy believes that success starts with having faith in yourself. 
  • With a stature of 5'2, she doesn't allow anything to hold her back from achieving her goals and breaking stereotypes. 
  • When attaching yourself to a company, make sure that they have the same mission and morals as you do. 
  • Sammy refuses to water down her brand by pushing products that she doesn't use or believe in their product. 
  • She views herself as one of the boys. 
  • Sammy pushes herself above and beyond when training, shooting and lifting. 
  • By biology, men will always be stronger than women, but you can be smarter and hold yourself to the same standards or expectations. 
  • Tamrin now believes that when you see someone who is more successful, prettier, etc.; you should support them and use it as inspiration. 
  • Sammy would love that everyone would see how beautiful that they are, and they could see how special they are. 
  • Jeanette says that the dynamics of how LeoCivvies and Sam portray themselves was a relationship that would work well and feed off of each other positively. 
  • Jeanette comes from a civilian perspective. She is a businesswoman who does the backend work and strategy for executives and global scale corporations. 
  • Jeanette reconnected with her childhood friend, Luis, at a community police event where the department. 
  • When she saw the positive reaction from her children after interacting with the officers, she felt drawn to Luis' mission and the company's overview goals. 
  • Leo Civvies strives to bring everyone in the community together and continue to give back. 
  • Tamrin tried cryotherapy at Athletic Cryo in Glendora, CA. Cryotherapy is a process where you step into a -150 degree to 
  • -260-degree chamber for up to 3 minutes that helps with recovery, blood flow, and tension release. She followed this with compression therapy. They offer several recovery services. 
  • If Mike does a pull-up and eats a whole donut at the same time, Jeanette will send him the LeoCivvies watch he has his eye on and be a feature on their Instagram page as their athlete of the day. 

*You can follow Samantha Sepulveda on Instagram @sammysep and Leo Civvies @leocivvies or leocivvies.com
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