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"Making Gunfighters" with Victor Lopez


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, LAPD officer of 19 years Victor Lopez is in the studio with Mike and Tamrin. He is sharing some of his tactical knowledge as a sniper and how it led him to start Sierra Element. Victor weighs in on the firearms debate, and whether or not health has an impact on marksmanship proficiency. 

Danny and Damien of Side Action Apparel stopped to talk with the crew about how they got their business started and this week's hot topics.

Trainer Kristen is making 'Overtime Snacking' easy with a simple list of foods and recipes for healthy options while on the go.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Victor Lopez:
  • @definition_sports_massage at AthelticCryo in Glendora fixed Mike's hip flexor injury with a massage therapy session. They also offer cupping, blading, and sports massage. 
  • After one session his pain was gone. 
  • Tamrin wears four rings on her left ring finger one for engagement, marriage, and both kids.
  • Danny worked for LAPD, and there wasn't overtime available, so he started screenprinting out of his garage. 
  • Tamrin was working in Newport Beach all week for management ops for an operational planning session. 
  • Tamrin started having pain on the tops of her hands. She ordered versa grips that have been helping with the discomfort experienced when lifting. 
  • If something is going to help aid in your health, then there is nothing wrong with using them. 
  • Danny Orona is an officer of 19 years at LAPD working narcotics.
  • Victor served in the marines for 20 years, 16 of which he was a scout sniper. 
  • While he served in the marines, he was a reserve officer with LAPD. 
  • You are responsible for every shot as an officer. 
  • For any active engagement as a sniper, there is an investigation to follow. 
  • Snipers are typically a platoon of sergeants. 
  • He started Sierra Element in 2012 with six classes a year, growing each year. 
  • In 2017, Sierra Element held 19 courses not including private courses. 
  • Ed's Manifesto was in the state department in Mexico, who would do the rescues for the cartel. 
  • Victor collaborates with people who can teach other aspects and work off of each other. 
  • A teacher in Virginia had a mental breakdown in his classroom. 
  • The officer that didn't go in to help students during the Florida shooting has now gotten a lawyer to represent his defense. 
  • Victor has had students without any experience. He believes that defense and the mentality of a sniper can be learned. 
  • Watching a video on YouTube is not going to teach you what needs to be learned. Working with an experienced instructor, and understand the feelings is what will guide you. 
  • Primarily Sierra Element teaches with a pistol, but they also show with a combat pistol, low light pistol, and the CCW tactical course with a tourniquet.
  • Mike believes that to arm up civilians they would need to meet criteria including background check, weapons qualifications, yearly tactical weapons proficiency, basic first aid and CPR training, 3-5 letters of reference claiming your decision-making skills. 
  • Victor adds that stress drills or precision under pressure should be necessary. 
  • From what Victor has seen within law enforcement, the fundamentals of marksmanship and stress-induced scenarios are the most prominent deficiency. 
  • Once officers go through the academy, they pull away from firearms aside from mandatory training. 
  • Low light. Even if you have a weapon mounted light, you should still use your basics or use a handheld a flashlight for functionality. 
  • Clear as much as you can from outside of the room before you enter. Master how to do PIE and draw out the suspect. 
  • Complacency kills. 
  • Tamrin attended an Operational Planning Session for her department. All supervisors, sworn and civilian were mandated to attend. 
  • If you are not healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually you can't be a good cop, dispatcher, etc. 
  • Tamrin has a perspective of if you are not well, you can't be proficient. 
  • Victor sides with consistency. Some shooters are accurate, and a proficient with their marksmanship, but are physically unhealthy. 
  • Victor has seen some people under pressure who are not healthy, but do well in stressful circumstances and are still able to hit their mark. 
  • Victor's positive sees with LEO owned businesses is; at some point, if you are consistent, you will make some money. The negative would be booking. You have to hustle. 
  • Gangs and vice are a 5-year max for LAPD. 
  • Damien works for Keystone Uniforms and is a co-owner of Side Action Apparel. 
  • Damien started the website for Side Action Apparel. 
  • To begin Danny was screenprinting everything in his garage, but couldn't keep up with demand. 
  • Keystone Uniforms has focused on their customers. They aim to connect with their community and say thank you.
  • They want to take away the corporate aspect and build individual relationships. 

You can reach Victor Lopez at www. sierraelement.com or on Instagram @sierra_element_official.

You can contact Danny and Damien through @sideactionapparel on Instagram and FaceBook
Go to sideactionapparel.com and USE CODE: BOLO to receive 15% off of your purchase.

For all of your uniform needs head over to keystoneuniforms.com and follow them on FaceBook @KeystoneUniforms.



SideActionApparel – Inspired By Those Who Protect

USE CODE: BOLO to receive 15% off of your purchase

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