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"Down 20 Pounds" with Evangelina Galindo


​In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Evangelina Galindo is giving Mike an update on her 20 pound weight loss and the corrections academy she is currently attending. She details all that the academy entails and is staying mentally strong to make it to graduation day. What should you expect going through the application and interview process? What are the living conditions? What to expect in training? All of this and more!!!

Jon Monroe from Chino PD for the first installment of The Real Cops Live Stream Cop Show. We want to give the opportunity to people in America to be able to ask questions to real, transparent cops and be an outlet for officers to vent and share their opinions or concerns with the public.

Jon joined Team Fit For Duty's New Years Challenge under the coaching of Tamrin; that resulted in a huge 20lb weight loss after following his customized fitness and nutrition plan.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of The Real Cops Interview with Jon Monroe:

  • Jon Monroe joined the Team Fit For Duty's New Years Challenge with Coach Tamrin and lost 20lbs. in 8 weeks. 
  • Tamrin put Jon on a custom fitness and nutrition plan. When he had a shoulder injury, she altered his workouts. If he wasn't able to make the gym, she gave him alternative home workouts. 
  • People threw 14,000 pairs of shoes on the White House lawn to represent the lives of children killed by school shootings. 
  • Federally a minor is under the age of 21. 
  • Mike believes that there should be an extensive background check, letters of recommendation, tactical training, psych analysis, license renewal, first aid training, and yearly training. 
  • Before Jon worked as an officer, he was a security guard and went through their training. 
  • Armed security guards have very minimal training. 
  • Jon worked with the school administrators, and some teachers should not be around a firearm. If you want to carry you should have proper training, and there must be extensive protocol.
  • A listener commented that they only did three weeks of handgun training in the academy. 
  • Mike's agency only has beanbag shotguns. 
  • They do real-world tactical training with an obstacle.
  • You have a limited amount of rounds in a shotgun. 
  • You have to know what you are doing with a firearm. A shotgun can be a versatile weapon. 
  • Toys 'R' Us is going out of business. 
  • Eric with Gem Mortgage doesn't only take care of his Real Estate clients, but also his law enforcement officers. 
  • Mike did a show with Jason Lehman last Sunday night. 
  • Chicago PD had a contest between their officers to create a new graphic for the department. 
  • The guys chime in on-court subpoenas. 
  • The only reason why a gun should be taken out in a classroom is when taking down an active shooter. 
  • Jon says that officers can lose the sense of the purpose of guns because it becomes apart of them since they wear it daily. 
  • Mike makes it a point to put his gun in the locker every single time he enters his home to avoid an accident. 
  • Jon started teaching his kids to shoot at the age of 4 and took a "take the curiosity away" approach when it came to guns. 
  • If you go to the California Post website, you can find the amount of firearms training the academy requires. 

Summary of Interview with Evangelina Galindo:

  • Evangelina was in the studio sporting an awesome @sideactionapparel shirt.
  • Since she has been away at the corrections academy, she is down 20lbs as of two weeks ago. 
  • After reading through the handbook, she realized that they don't permit false eyelashes. 
  • On her first day, she was ripped by the female sergeants for having eyelashes extensions. 
  • The physical agility test after your application is mostly cardio based. You need to have the stamina and pace yourself. Don't burn yourself out before the weight portion. 
  • Push through the pain and focus on how badly you want it. 
  • If you have never worked out before start out by going to a track and doing laps with a fast-paced walk, jog, and increase as you gain stamina. 
  • Start off small and build endurance. 
  • Incorporating HIIT with your training would be beneficial. 
  • Evangelina suggests being honest, accountable, and confident going into your interview. 
  • Focus on your strengths, and what you can offer to the position. 
  • Answer what you know and when you don't know the answer to what they are asking, say so or ask them to repeat. 
  • Wear professional attire for your interview. Slacks and a pressed, clean top is recommended. 
  • Walk in with authority (no hands in pockets) and exude a confident aura. Make eye contact with the interview panel. 
  • Be honest with your background officer.
  • If you've applied at other departments, they will look into it.
  • If you have used drugs, then you need to be honest about it. 
  • Typically departments are looking for people who have experienced things or situations that may have been wrong. They want to see that you have matured since the incident and haven't done it again. 
  • Make good choices. Think of plans and goals you have for the future.
  • Evangelina is at a live-in academy in Northern California. Her class started at 217 and is now around 200 attendees. 
  • Paperwork, room assignment, handbook, rules, expectations, your locker, class, etc. is what they go through on the first day. 
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included but consist of basic foods or mystery meat. You are only allowed protein bars in between breaks. No food or contraband is permitted in your dorm. 
  • She knows that the living conditions are similar to that of inmates for preparation of what is to be expected in the future when they will work in the jails and prisons. 
  • Evangelina had to establish a routine once she got to the academy, but there was an adjustment period. 
  • In evenings, she does additional workouts with the Axiom workout app. 
  • Lights out are at 10 pm and check-in is 9:45 pm. She is getting adequate sleep but has to get up early and be ready for the day ahead. 
  • She had to be sure to prep her uniform, ironed and boots shined. 
  • The officers tend to go harder on the females since when out on the field they will be targeted. 
  • In the academy, you are assigned a partner and have to check in if you were alone. The same protocol is enforced in the field. 
  • A firm, fair, consistent, and respectful manner is how you should treat inmates and criminals. There shouldn't be an abuse of authority. 
  • Leadership comes naturally to Evangelina.
  • At the academy, she is a junior company commander. She has earned the respect of her company to lead them. 
  • To earn that rank, the sergeant left it to a vote after each candidate gave a 2-minute speech. 
  • Her company motto its "Oscar! Oscar! We observe, honor, respect, and protect. We ride together; we strive together. Never break, never bend. Oscar company until the end."

You can follow Evangelina Galindo on Instagram @imvang_



Here's why 7000 pairs of shoes were on the Capitol lawn

The Capitol lawn was covered in 7,000 pairs of shoes Tuesday, to symbolize the 7,000 children killed by gun violence since the Newtown shooting.

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