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"Looks Can Be Deceiving" with Dylan Davis and Brendan Pryor


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we are speaking with law enforcement couple Brendan Pryor and Dylan Davis. Brendan is a police officer in Maryland and Dylan was an officer in Washington, DC. 

Dylan had hopes of joining the LAPD, but after an injury, she was faced with changing her course. With a master's degree in terrorism and homeland security under her belt, she expresses her future aspirations of the badge.

Team Fit For Duty's, Trainer and Dispatcher Kristen is sharing exercises that can help with carpal-tunnel syndrome.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Brendan Pryor and Dylan Davis:

  • Dylan was a police officer in Washington, DC and came to Los Angeles in hopes of being a part of LAPD. She had an injury set back and changed route. 
  • Dylan graduated from high school at only 16 years old. 
  • She started college at 13 years old. 
  • Dylan has a Masters degree in terrorism and homeland security. 
  • Brendan is a cop out of Maryland for a year and a half. 
  • After college, he went to a University agency for two years and switched over to the municipal side. 
  • He also does ROTC in the Guard. 
  • Brendan is thinking of potentially lateralling out to California Law enforcement. 
  • Eight months is how long it took for Brendan to complete the Maryland police academy.
  • Brendan grew up in Orange County and was a police explorer in Mission Viejo, CA from 2007-09.
  • Mike did four years working in the jails. 
  • Dylan and Brendan met working police officers for the University; he was her FTO. 
  • Mike came across Dylan's Instagram and reached out to her after seeing her wearing an east coast badge. 
  • Dylan competed in five beauty pageants and felt that judges don't favor her honest answers. The judges asked if she'd " rather have knowledge or life experience?" to her response, " That's like asking if you'd rather have wisdom or knowledge. You can have knowledge without wisdom, but you can't have wisdom without knowledge. So I will get my knowledge as I live." They did not like this answer. 
  • Her next beauty pageant will be Miss West Coast starting in April-May. 
  • For a sponsorship, donations start at whatever you'd like to contribute or donate (it's a tax write-off) and receive an advertisement in the pageant book. The donation goes towards the cause or charity. 
  • Dylan's stepdad, John Grogan, runs the largest polygraph agency in California, CertifiedPolygraph.com. 
  • In the 70's, you had to married to the significant other you were living with to be LAPD. 
  • You can go to college and do high school at the same time for free if you have good grades. 
  • Dylan was bullied in school and considered herself the loser friend to the hot girl. 
  • After her injury when she was going through the police academy, she went into teaching high school. She has aspirations of teaching college but would need a doctorate. 
  • Dylan's most significant mentors were a judge, and person who worked for the district attorney. 
  • Even though Dylan has many credentials, but on paper, she needs more experience. 
  • Dylan takes every opportunity to network with people and asks if people are willing to speak with her about any questions she may have. Fostering relationships are crucial. 
  • Dylan's mom works in homeland security as a supervisor for Clear.

You can follow Dylan on Instagram @blondeinblue72 and Brendan @brenpryor



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