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"The Big Dog Visits The Studio" with K9 Raider


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Adam and Erin are in the studio with Mike and Tamrin; coming from Corona Police Department with their certified facility dog, K9Raider II from Canine Companions for Independence. Raider serves the community by offering companionship and comfort at local events and in tragic events. 

Mike and Tamrin are going over this week's stand out news in law enforcement, Police week, and Police Memorial Day.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of The Crew discussion:

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  • Police week is here and Police Memorial Day is May 15. 
  • Tamrin's department put on a countywide memorial wall honoring our fallen officer's with a red carpet with a thin blue line kind of a mat that people can walk on and a rose ceremony for the families of fallen officers. 
  • DA Ramos spoke at the memorial about having a no tolerance for people who attack officers and bringing justice for those who have been affected or lost their lives because of OIS'. His approach will be professional but vowed not to be driven by political correctness. 
  • Mike and Tamrin believe that people are not voting because they are sick of politicians giving scripted speeches without emotion. 
  • Chair of a Baltimore civilian committee refused to comply with officers commands after being asked 60 times to cooperate. 
  • When in a confrontation, the aggressor who is advancing shows dominance. Officer's often back up to collect themselves and get in a better position. In some instances, it is imperative that officer's advance in return to show power.
  • With camera phones and ridicule, officers often have to hesitate to protect themselves and the community members. 

Summary of Interview with K9 Raider, Adam, and Erin:

  • Being dog lovers, Adam and Erin did a lot of research on canine programs and got inspiration from Hawthorne police department, K9Scottie. 
  • They got Raider Nov. 1, 2017. It was a two-year process and had to get application approval. 
  • Raider is a facility dog for the community. He has worked with critical incident debriefs with dispatchers, officers, and firefighters. 
  • Since they've had him, they've had a lot of traumatic incidents happen and want to utilize him for the people involved in the incident and then the aftermath for the employees. 
  • Raider is an added benefit to have around the station, and on a daily basis walking around the station, he lightens everybody's day.
  • Canine Companions for Independence and their local training center is based in Oceanside, CA. 
  • The dogs are certified service dogs and go through rigorous training. They do DNA testing for the breeding to make sure that the plate drive and aggression is suitable for him.
  • Once they determine their temperament, they start training immediately after birth, so they acclimate them to sounds sensations touch loud noises things like that to make sure that were not in an enemy.
  • They make sure they're not scared of things so you can see you know how he lays in a controlled position.
  • The extensive application process includes an online application, followed by a written application that is several pages, vision testing, how you'll be using the dog, and company policies. You must include photos of your home photos and the agency. After you get through that process, then there's an eight-hour interview in person which again you're talking to the same type of thing.
  • After you've completed all of those steps, they keep moving you to the next step; then you're on a waiting list until they have a dog that they feel is ready for you 
  • Any veterinarian care Raider needs are covered by the department with their cooperation. 
  • If listeners are interested in getting a service dog from Canine Independence, they often work with you and offer a discount. 
  • Dispatchers are always under stress. Having a canine there helps relieve the stresses of calls and allow the dispatchers to get a little break with Raider or easing the tension. 
  • Adam was initially an explorer. He then moved south and was lucky enough to be sponsored to go to the academy and went to the same sheriff's Academy.
  • Adam and Erin try and take him out in their community whenever possible, as it's mutually beneficial for Raider and the community. Outings are on their time. 
  • Raider is subject to be called in and has worked to recently in partnership with the DA's office on some cases as the first dog in Riverside County that can be used in the court system so he can accompany victims and witnesses. There is now a penal code that allows a motion for the canine to be present. 
  • Raider is in very close proximity with Adam and Aaron's personal dogs. He is the canine Sargeant and has done training with the department's dogs, so he is aware of the dog's temperament. 
  • In the event of a house fire where the family is disbursed, they ask the victim if they are comfortable with dogs and if they are interested, they will introduce Raider. 
  • Officer's often come into the station on break from a shift or off duty to visit Raider. 
  • Adam and Erin keep watch for events where K9Raider could be of assistance. 
  • They have a nonprofit organization of local business owners, Corona Police Community Partnership, that supports police departments and has raised funds for ballistic vests for dogs and even purchased a whole canine. They have also raised funds for canine trauma kits and to include Narcan. 
  • If an outside agency needs help, their department supports aiding them in their needs. 
  • By having a dog with them in a funny costume can help break down the barrier between civilians and officers when dealing with people who are uncomfortable speaking with law enforcement.
  • CourthouseDogs.org is an organization based in Washington that keeps track of all dogs available for deployment for court purposes. 
  • The difference between an assistance dog and a service dog is, assistance dogs can work longer shifts and have extensive training. 
  • Service dogs can only work 2 hours humanely. 
  • If there's anyone out there that has a disability or has PTSD, the training, and the placement is free of charge. Veterans listening should know they will house you at the training facility for free. 
  • Animals for Armed forces will waive the fees for all military-affiliated families, veterans of all branches and all times of service. They are hosting an adoption event on Memorial Day weekend and are now accepting donations to save a shelter animal or help a veteran. Head to www.animalsforarmedforces.org for more information. 

You can follow Raider @k9RaiderII or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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