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"Dispatchers Are In Charge" with Dispatcher Kristen Jauregui


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Tamrin and Mike are discussing social media within the law enforcement profession and how it has evolved into being a positive way for officers to become more personable with their communities and humanize the badge. We are also interviewing our newest trainer for Team Fit For Duty, Kristen Jauregui. Kristen is a dispatcher, cop's wife, fitness competitor, and mother who comes from a law enforcement family. After her 3rd daughter was born she didn't have the energy to keep up with her kids, was feeling sluggish, was dealing with the stresses of her job and needed an outlet. She decided to start working out at home and using the internet to help her learn how to train. Now she's teaching us how she stays on consistent and on track with fitness and nutrition.

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Show Take-Aways

  • Kristen started weightlifting in high school, but fell off after her senior year of high school.
  • Was initially embarrassed about going to the gym so she started doing P90X at home.
  • She would go on bodybuilding.com or google workouts to train at the gym.
  • Wasn't happy with her body after baby.
  • Didn't want her children to witness how critical she was of her body.
  • We are our own worst critic.
  • If you really want it you're going to push yourself.
  • Kristen's husband helped hold her accountable, but from a supportive standing.
  • Started off slow by making simple nutrition adjustments like cutting out soda and drinking more water, splitting meals when eating out and attempting to make better food choices.
  • Being consistent with the gym is the easy part for Kristen, the nutrition is the struggle.
  • Start eating more whole foods and avoid processed.
  • Going cold turkey is not healthy, practical or sustainable.
  • Starting off slow, adapting your lifestyle and making sure you have a healthy balance is key.
  • Kristen makes sure she brings all of her workout gear to work with her.
  • Brings her six pack bag with all of her food prep, water, and vitamins.
  • Does weight lifting, HIIT, and cardio for her workouts at her department's gym.
  • Kristen is our newest online trainer for Team Fit for Duty online trainer and is now available to help guide you on your fitness journey.

Follow Kristen on Instagram @Jauregui_girl If you have any questions for Kristen or about this episode head over to thebolopodcast.com and leave us a voicemail. We want to hear from you!!

Kristen has an 8 week challenge group with Team Fit For Duty starting October 8, sign up soon to start your customized fitness and nutrition plan!!

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