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"Fat Mike Is Back" with The BOLO Crew


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're speaking with Greg and Dena Clinton who are the owners of CrossFit OuterLimits in Ontario, California.

CrossFit OuterLimits is doing a fundraiser and calling out all local police departments, fire departments, and whoever wants to come workout to support and donate what they can to Officer Gracia and his fiancé, who were injured in the Las Vegas shooting. CrossFit is a workout that anyone can do! Whether you're a fitness junkie, CrossFit isn't normally "your thing", young, old, beginner, or expert; everyone is welcome to join in!

Tamrin and Marc aren't going easy on Mike for falling off the wagon!!! So what's he doing about it? Mike has a creative plan to hold himself accountable, that can also be the approach to help our listeners stay on track of their fitness and nutrition.

Huge shout out to Officer Ashley Smith, who competed in her first fitness competition and placed in the top 5. This amazing trainer for Team Fit For Duty didn't only whip herself into shape but is helping so many others train for the police academy and reach whatever goals her clients have. Hear what one of them has to say about her training methods in this episode. 

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Show Take-Aways

  • Officer Gracia was shot in the head during the shooting, when his fiancé covered him and took two rounds
  • They are both on a long road to recovery, but with everyone's help we can get them there.
  • Anyone can do CrossFit despite age and ability level.
  • Outerlimits has a kids room where your children can come and play if they are self sufficient.
  • Older kids are welcome to join in on workouts.
  • Hoping for a couple hundred to come out to the fundraiser, so the more the merrier.
  • Even if you don't belong to a CrossFit gym and just want to support, show up.
  • Mike gets back in the gym for the first time in a while and feels the endorphins kicking back in.
  • Mike is trying to establish a fitness and nutrition routine to keep momentum going.
  • If you fall off the wagon, it's okay! It happens, but get back on a routine.
  • Head over to our app to get a discount code for Bearded Warrior Fitness.
  • Bearded Warrior Fitness has been a huge supporter of law enforcement and The BOLO crew.
  • Officer Ashley Smith placed top 5 at her first fitness competition! She was 2nd in her class and 4th overall.
  • Loyal listener of the show Scott Mueller, one of Ashley's clients with Team Fit For Duty, sent us an email about his experience with her as his coach. "You have one hell of a trainer on your team, Ashley is amazing! She is helping me work towards passing the fitness test for the academy. She is brutally honest, doesn't BS you, and is going to tell you like it is. She is knowledgable as a cop and a trainer, is quick to respond if I have any questions and checks in on me daily. Just an amazing person and i'm happy to have her as my trainer."
  • If you are in law enforcement, government, fire, public safety, etc. Law Enforcement Social has a full day class on Instagram on November 16 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. In January, they have a class about haters, trolls, and customer service on Facebook. Vegas is to follow January 25th and 26th. https://lawenforcement.social
  • Mike is holding himself accountable by writing a $500 check to the crazy stalker he has a restraining order against. If he falls off the wagon again, he has to send the check.
  • Tamrin portions out her supplements in baggies when traveling.

*Next month Team Fit For Duty will be accepting applications for an exclusively sponsored athlete who competes in fitness related competitions, trainers to join the team, and start a rep program.

*Follow CrossFit OuterLimits on Instagram @crossfit_outerlimits and Dena @deepatrice Greg @old_gregg21 or head over to https://crossfit-outerlimits.triib.com

*For more information on the fundraiser for Officer Gracia go to https://crossfit-outerlimits.triib.com/events/opd-fundraiser-wod 


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