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"We're Talking Some Sh*t" with The BOLO Podcast Crew

The BOLO Podcast Crew

In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, the crew is talking a lot of sh*t. We have all experienced digestion issues and felt like we were full of poo. What myths have we been told that are simply not true when it comes to aiding a healthy digestive system? Do we really need grains to get the necessary amount of fiber or can we get sufficient fiber from vegetables? Tamrin, Mike, and Marc share how following keto has helped them fulfill their "dootie".

Homeless Marine Corps veteran, Johnny Bobbit, helped out a New Jersey woman, Casey McClure, who ran out of gas on her way to Philadelphia. He used his last $20 to get gas for her so she could be on her way. Casey was extremely grateful for this selfless act and wanted to repay Johnny beyond her means. She started a GoFund Me account for him, that quickly surpassed their expectations reaching $350k.

Coach Kristen with Team Fit For Duty is putting us to sleep, properly. These sleep tips are teaching us what to avoid and what to incorporate into our nighttime routine to optimize sleep so we can be more productive with our days. 

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Show Take-Aways

  • When in a pinch, try to find something on the menu that fits your nutrition plan. Alter an existing item and ask for it breadless or without sugary sauces.
  • MCT oil is a more concentrated version of coconut oil.
  • The oil is harsher on your stomach than a powder version of MCT.
  • If you use MCT oil be prepared to have to use the restroom.
  • Hydration is a huge factor in having a regulated digestive system.
  • You can get your fiber by just eating vegetables. Grains aren't necessary.
  • A lot of processed grains and fibers are counterproductive in aiding your digestion.
  • If you are on top of your hydration and nutrition your digestive system operates smoother.
  • Tamrin followed her own advice and didn't gain any weight over the holiday. She stayed in ketosis and didn't jeopardize her goals.
  • When craving your favorite foods while on keto do the research and just put "keto" in front of what you want to make and be surprised at all the recipes that come up.
  • Joe used his last $20 to fill us her car and said he only had that money because other people helped him out.
  • He was a military veteran and paramedic who was down on his luck and found himself living on the streets for the past year.
  • Kate came back with her boyfriend to repay him and bring hygiene products, money, and other goods to help him out.
  • Kate and her boyfriend started a GoFundMe account and surpassed their goal of $10,000 and is currently at $360,000+
  • He was able to spend his Thanksgiving in a hotel planning his new life.
  • We cannot paint an entire generation with a broad stroke.
  • Tamrin took a choreography of leadership class and they echoed a lot of Tamrin's views on how to teach the younger generation.
  • One generation is not superior to the other.
  • The different mentality of Gen X and Millennials is "I work to provide for my family" VS "I work to be with my family". The common denominator is the value of FAMILY.
  • With the Gen Xers wanting to have constant interaction with their kids and putting them in activities, is what was the main influence for the Millennial mentality of group activity.
  • A client of Tamrin's asked why there weren't any ab exercises in her plan, being that she wants to lean out and strengthen her core.
  • Nutrition is a huge factor in leaning out your stomach.
  • Belly into spine while doing any exercise will engage your core and cause good form.
  • The Bosu ball will engage your core.
  • Incorporate your core into everything you do.
  • You don't have to do 1000 ab exercises or crunches to lose belly fat and gain muscle.
  • You have to create a habit. Wake up at the same time every day and have a set workout schedule.
  • Do you guys think Mike looks like Spanky from 'The Little Rascals'?

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Nutrition/Fitness Tip - Sleep Tips

This week's nutrition/fitness tip from Kristen Jauregui  


Top 3 Natural Sleep Aids - Police fitness and nutrition, police dispatcher fitness

Fact: The average time a person needs to sleep is only 5 minutes more! Ok maybe not BUT have you tried all of the sleeping techniques or tricks that was discussed wit

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