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"Greasing The Groove" With Rich Carrion

Rich Carrion

In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, "Big Rich" Carrion is back! With Tamrin out of the studio for the week, we had to bring back an OG host to rag on Mike with Marc. Since we've last heard from Big Rich, he has retired from law enforcement and focusing on being his healthiest self. Rich tells us all about what it's like to be on the retired side of the badge and what he's been doing with his time.

Marc, Mike, and Rich are talking about "Greasing the Groove", facing mental blocks in your fitness, and talking more smack about the notorious dragon shirt.

It's holiday crunch time! We're all on the run trying to get last minute shopping and errands done. Kristen is giving us the best snack options when you're on the go. 

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Show Take-Aways

  • Since we last spoke to Rich he is now retired.
  • Rich introduced Mike to intermittent fasting.
  • Drinking daily is not recommended when trying to stay focused on your fitness and nutrition.
  • You should limit yourself to only a few drinks per week.
  • DepDoll is a LEO on Instagram who donated her kidney to her coworker and brother.
  • Dispatcher Kristen with Team Fit For Duty is starting a New Year Promotion for 2018 starting at only $39!
  • Mike is starting a new program doing 2 a day workouts and eating clean keto. Incorporating 30 min. aerobic exercise a day.
  • "Greasing the groove" is doing a specific amount of exercise (Ex. pushups) in as many sets as you can get through throughout the day.
  • If you can do 10 and not get tired, then do 10 and go about your day. Continue to do 10 every 30 minutes - an hour until the end of the day. Take your max and divide it into 50-60% and do 5. Do this to be able to increase your ability with the exercises you're having trouble with.
  • If you started doing this it would help with your max out count as well.
  • Greasing could help keep mobility for officers who are sitting in a patrol car for hours.
  • Marc is super dialed in with sticking to his keto diet. He decided that he's tired of working out and can't get back into the groove. So, for now, he's all about his nutrition.
  • With what law enforcement has to deal with being unfit is putting yourself at a disadvantage for the hardships that the job demands.
  • Rich has been facing obstacles for the past year first with his injury and second with a mental block.
  • An aspiring officer and mother, @Shallon73 has an upcoming knee surgery. On behalf of the crew, we hope that she heals up quickly and can get back on track to her aspirations.
  • Rich is now doing private security in Manhattan. He has hopes of getting the ball rolling on First Watch Coffee.
  • Mainly he is focusing getting himself healthy.
  • MCT powder will not make you run to the restroom like MCT oil will.


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